Junk mail. How can you stop it?

This is one thing that really gets on my goat, beats my baton, boils my pee, etc etc etc.


We get loads of it. Everything from restaurants to takeaways, to Avon, to local council / political elections to events at the local community centre. I am sick to death of this rubbish. To make it worse, I bought a sign and stuck it to the front door.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 00.11.18

Do they take any notice of it? Do they heckers. They still just dump their crap through the door.
I did give one unfortunate guy a shouting at from the bedroom window couple of weeks ago. He was very apologetic and even tried sticking his hand back through the letter box to retrieve the junk mail he had just deposited there. No luck, it was already littering my hall floor.

( not my hallway in this photo. Photo courtesy of www.blogs.stopjunkmail.org.uk )

I am sooooooooo tempted to keep all the junk mail and select one lucky ( or unlucky ) recipient from all those companies, and go and dump the lot all over their shop. A different one each time. I assume I would be threatened with a beating if I did that at a takeaway or restaurant.

Do you guys have much problem with junk mail? How do you deal with it. Any devious ideas about how to get it to stop.

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