My Irish Lottery test

Since the english Nation Lottery has changed its rules and went to 59 numbers from 49 and the odds of winning the big one have gone from something around 14 million to one to 45 million to one. Thats a massive jump. It was bad enough when they simply changed it to 2 pound a play from 1 pound never mind the bad odds. Since the changes we have not won once. We get a free lucky dip nearly ever week but still get nothing from it. Not even 3 numbers, which we used to get quite often on the old rules.
years ago I used to enjoy plying the Irish Lottery. I was lucky on it quite often. The winnings are not as much as the English lottery but in my eyes more chances to win. even picking just 3 numbers to come out can land you 600+ pounds on the 6 number draw, compared to 25 pound on the UK lottery. Tonight to see if I have more luck, I have done the normal 6 lines on the English lottery ( I put them on for Denise’s works syndicate as I am the only one with an account ) and 6 line of 3 numbers on the Irish for myself plus 2 extra lines of 2 numbers at 50p a line. I hope I win something as Christmas has really hit the bank balance this years.

Here are the numbers I picked from the Irish lottery. Wish me luck.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.30.35

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