Hopefully the start of many blogs

Today I had an idea, something I saw a while ago.  Somebody who I follow on YouTube but also does Blogs  did this but they did their blogs in a different way to what I have seen in the past and it stuck with me. Now that was a few months ago and today I was thinking about it and thought why not give it a go because it’s been a long time since I put up a blog post having concentrated on YouTube and doing vlogs. By The Format that I saw this person doing their blogs in, it was like a diary or more like a journal, an online journal and seeing as that is sort of similar to what I do on my vlogs I thought why not give that a go I can always use the voice typing feature on Google via my mobile phone as I am not one of those who can sit and type for hours on end on a mobile phone and I just get writers block anyway,  so at least this way I can walk about in the house and just talk to my phone as I find ideas flow better that way.  That is the plan anyway.  Now what I need to do is figure out what sort of stuff is to be included.  We all know that people love to know what other people’s lives are like.  I think this comes down to the voyeuristic nature of human beings. So let’s see where this goes.  Let’s see how well it does and how interesting it is.  Hopefully some of you guys will be good enough to leave comments. Give your thoughts below.  Have you ever tried this format and how did it work for you?  

catch you all later


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