Saturday 4th November 2017

Happy Saturday everybody. I am so happy as this is my weekend off work and then I get to spend the time with Denise and Georgia. I always look forward to these two days off as I consider it important time to chill out and relax.

Before I had even woken up this morning Denise had been to the shops and purchased a Morphy Richards soup maker . this is what it looks like .

Denise has gone mad and made two jugs full of soup. She seems to be really enjoying it but we have had to rearrange the kitchen bench space a bit to make space for this device but it did mean that we tidied up the corner cupboard which was like a bomb site

Later on in the afternoon we went to pick Georgia up from work and had a cup of coffee while we were waiting. We had a quick visit to the Lush shop and I got myself some moisturising cream.I’m looking forward to trying it out.
After that we went to Aldi to get some cat food then home where did she set about making tea . we had tagliatelle Carbonara tonight, obviously slimming world recipe. I have to say this has got to be one of the best ones that she has made so far .

Well it’s getting to that time of night now when I retire into the bath and Denise watches The X Factor and surprisingly Georgia has stayed in her bedroom to watch a movie on Netflix instead of sitting with her mother watching X Factor.

Now that X Factor has finished for the night (thankfully as I’m not a lover of reality TV), and I am out of the bath, trying to stop sweating. It’s annoying that you get nice and clean in the bath then sweat again when you get out. Anyway, I’m out of the bath, and tucking into my nightly ice cream and Ikea ginger heart biscuits. We have just finished todays vlog for YouTube so all that is left to do is edit it and get it uploaded. While thats happening, I’m chatting to friends on Telegram and Facebook, while watching an old interview with The Human League on YouTube.

Tomorrow I think we will be going to Whitley Bay to put flowers down for my Dad as its his birthday on the 7th Nov.

I hope you all have a good Sunday and are enjoying your weekend.

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