Friday 3rd November 2017

Well that was not the best night’s sleep. For some unknown reason which I should be used to by now I had restless leg. Then again I do know the reason, it’s all to do with my back injury and nerve damage but it is restless leg. One night it will be my left leg which will not keep still another night it’ll be my right leg or I’ll be getting pains in my arms things like that. People who don’t suffer from restless leg syndrome don’t realise that the name is actually misleading because it can affect different parts of the body not just the legs.

Anyway this morning I am a bit tired to say the least but I will try and battle on as normal.
It is a cold day today and very overcast but the forecast says it should get sunny later but I’ll not be expecting there to be much heat in the sun today.

Evening : I managed to get finished early again,which is nice but when I got home I found that Denise was curled up on the sofa feeling unwell. Nothing major, just a bad tummy, but enough to make her feel lousy.

I made her go up to bed to be more comfortable, where I lay with her and we both fell asleep. I woke up some two and a half hours later when Denise shouted that my tea was ready. She had made a nice simple spaghetti Bolognese which was lovely. Georgia was still in town with her friend so she had her later.

Afterwards, we went back to bed and watched YouTube video’s before tiredness struck again really early. Georgia got home about 8.45 and told us about her time in town and seeing the new Fenwick Christmas window display. It was only about ten o’clock when we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer and ended up turning everything off and going to sleep again. What a rock and roll lifestyle we have.

I hope you guys have had a good Friday

Catch you all soon


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