A very cold day at the coast.

Today has been a nice day, in which we went down to Whitley Bay.It was quite cold so I ended up wearing my winter coat and woolly hat. As it is my fathers birthday on Tuesday, I want to take him at some flowers to put on his grave. After that we went to The Rendezvous Cafe (Rendezvous Cafe Facebook page) for a coffee and a hot dog sandwich. One thing we enjoy doing after our coffee is go for a walk along the prom. We really enjoy seeing families with their kids enjoying healthy time out on their bikes or on the beach, and also the dog walkers with their many varieties of dog. Everyone always seem so friendly down there. Many a time we have had conversations with total strangers about everything from the weather, to their dogs, and everything in between. Most people seem more than happy to give you a hello or chat to you.

After our trip down to the coast, we drove to Newcastle city centre to drop Georgia off to meet her friends so they could all get the bus back down to Whitley Bay again to go to a firework display. Yes I know, it seems daft but thats what they did.

Denise and I, got home, warmed up and went on a YouTube live. It ended up being our longest live yet at just over two hours. The people on there were so cool and a great laugh. We are honoured to have an amazing community that are kind enough to subscribe to us. We always enjoy chatting to them on the live’s and getting to know them. To us, our subscribers are what make doing vlogs worthwhile. They are the most important part of the vlogs. We appreciate the support of every single one of them.

After that marathon live session, we had our lovely Sunday meal. Made by Denise’s Dad. This week he make a pork dinner. The meat and gravy were divine.

To my disgust though, denise’s Dad threw away the crackling. Thats the crispy skin from after the pork has been cooked. He thought I wouldn’t want it. I think we are going to have to have words haha.

Once all that beautiful food had been polished off, We finished todays vlog and I retired to bed to doing some editing while Denise watched the X Factor while waiting for Georgia to get home.

Georgia got home about 22.20 and was absolutely freezing cold but had had a good time, which is the main thing. As I finish this vlog, Georgia is downstairs catching up on X Factor herself while warming up while having her dinner as well.

Anyway, I hope you have a great week, and that your weekend has been good for you.

Take care and stay safe


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