Wednesday, Steve’s Day

Well its Wednesday, or I like to call it on my vlogs, Steve’s Day. Its so nice having a day off work right in the middle of the week. I’ve never had that in any other job. It makes a hell of a difference.

As normal on a Wednesday I try to get on top of the washing. We seem to go through an extraordinary amount of towels to a family of 3. Thats the main thing that fills the laundry basket. Typical as well that towels take longer to dry in the dryer. So I always try to do these last and get on with more important stuff like everyday clothes and underwear etc. wAfter setting that off in the washer, I got on with the job I keep either forgetting on keep putting off. This is clean the fish tank, do water treatments and feed the fish. Its not a difficult job, just a pain. At least it keeps my fishies happy anyway.

I had a Skype call of Emma M today from her holiday in Tenerife. It was lovely to see her look happy and smiling. I really hope she has a good time and takes the chance to relax. She deserves a break. Not only is Emma ( and her mum and aunty ) away on holiday, but also George Monkey.

For anyone who does not know, he’s The Wright Times mascot, and always jumps at the chance to go away on holiday with friends or go to their houses for a break from his monkey duties.

IN the afternoon I had a rather impromptu power nap. It was weird waking up and the room was in darkness with the daylight saving hours these days. I wish we didn’t have to have them. Just keep the days as they are during the summer. Where its light longer at night. Non of this getting dark at 2.30 in the afternoon.

Anyway Denise come home from work and then the Gym. We had tea. Meatballs and spaghetti in a tomato based sauce. Yummy.

W went to bed to catch up on the latest episode of The Walking Dead. I’m enjoying Season 8 so far and its only on episode 3. After that we watched loads of music video’s from my playlist’s on YouTube

Georgia eventually got home from work and meeting her friends at about 20.45. Had her tea and told us about the loads of course work she has to get done for January. Good luck to her for that. She’s gonna have to knuckle down.

Anyway, thats been my day today. Nothing exciting. How has your been? Drop a comment below.

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