Digital addiction

In this day of digital this and digital that are we now becoming dependent on being connected 24/7 to the outside world and letting everybody know what we are doing ? Nearly everyone I know apart from the older generation and by that I mean people who are 60s and over seem to be permanently attached to their phone and hardly any time goes by where they are not checking statuses emails text messages etc etc. Also, a lot of people, seem to have to find a wifi hotspot wherever they are, whether in a shop, restaurant, shopping mall, city centre, a friends house, or wherever, to get a better connection so they can get their messages and updates quicker or to share a selfie, photo of their meal or a cute photo of their cat. It’s like some sort of primal need.

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Denise and myself were in a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and they were a family sitting at the next table comma mother father and two young children . I happened to look across at one point and the two kids were sitting there looking bored while their parents we’re both on their mobile phones typing away and it made me think are we losing the art of communication ? Have things really got so bad where we cannot hold a conversation with another person face to face ? I have in the past, as a joke , send our daughter a text message when she has been in her bedroom to tell her that her tea was ready as I know that would be noticed straight away. It worked .

I have to admit that we even fall foul of it in the evenings when we have our tea. We normally watch YouTube vlogs while we have our dinner. but because Georgia isn’t always keen on some of the vlogs that we watch she sits on her phone while having her tea. So you see, even we fall into the digital trap as well.

Don’t get me wrong some of the technology available to help people communicate is amazing and I sometimes wish we had this sort of thing when I was a kid but these days with mobile phones, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and the abundance of other apps that are out there never mind getting started on the multi channel TV where there’s something to watch on TV 24/7, communication is going down the pan and I think these days we do not see as much of our kids as we probably should or hear as much from them as we probably should which granted, some parents were probably think is a good thing ha ha.

I don’t think things are going to get any better either with future generations as I have heard of children for example 3 years old playing with mobile phones and tablets which I know can be educational but my own personal view on this is to limit the time on there and not just use it to keep the child quiet. Also with the multi channel TV comes all the children’s channels which again is another way that is used to keep the child quiet and I think the interaction between parent and child is getting less and less with the parent being so busy all the time and the availability of copious amounts of children’s TV. I think more and more future generations are going to be growing up dependent on electronic devices and digital connection to their friends and family.

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