Thursday tiredness, fruit and Mobikes.

It’s Thursday and it’s going to be a long day as I did not have that much sleep last night due to having restless leg again and Denise was snoring but I will do what’s needed to get through the rest of the day. I sometimes wonder if I smothered her with a pillow would I get off with extenuating circumstances for being so tired and lack of sleep for a long period of time ha ha.
I know places like Manchester have had these for a while now but Newcastle have only just introduced them. What I am talking about are Mobikes.

I had never even heard of these until That’s Brad on YouTube pulled several of these out of a local canal while he was magnet fishing. I was having a good look at them this morning and they look really uncomfortable. There does not appear to be any suspension whatsoever on these. I cannot use a normal bike anyway because of my back injuries but these would be horrific to ride, a bit like a bike from the 1970s. I suppose the idea and the initiative behind it is good to get people fit and use less cars in the city. To find out about the Mobike Scheme, check out their Mobike Website. I now know what its all about. What a great idea, even if the bikes look a bit weird and bone shakey ( if that’s even a word lol )

I have been to the greengrocers today to get our supply of fruit.

I was advised by Emma M never to buy food from a greengrocers at the beginning of the week as they are still trying to get rid of the stuff from the end of the last week so I checked with the man I know in the greengrocers and he said they get their fresh fruit in on the Thursday so that is why I get the fruit on a Thursday now.

In Newcastle and had some spare time so I took a photo. That filled in a whole 5 seconds haha

While being parked up I’ve just seen something which is one of my bugbears and does my head in. It’s when kids walk along the street and their pants are halfway down their backside. Oh my god that really irritates me. It just looks so scruffy and I bet the kids that do that think they look super cool. Does this annoy anybody else, or is it just me?

Thanks to the kind nature of my boss, I got to finish work early so I have come across to the Metro Centre to meet up with Denise for a coffee after work which is always nice. I have heard that Georgia has not had the best of days but she was apparently close to tears on the phone with her mother earlier.

Anyway, after getting home and having a chicken dinner, we went to bed and just chilled out with vlogs on the tv, and Georgia chatting to friends on social media.

I hope everyone has had a great day today

Catch you soon

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