I’m NOT a Celebrity, Let Me Be In It!

I remember just a couple of years ago, I’m a celebrity get me out of here, was the only, and I do mean ONLY, reality show I would watch. Yes I know our beloved Geordies Ant and Dec present it, and do a bloody fantastic job at it, but to be honest, it’s probably the only thing I can stand them in. For me the Ant and Dec steam train rolls on so they never seem to be off the T.V. so much so I am sick of seeing them. Anyway, this is not about them, its about the show itself.

As the years have gone by, I have watched less and less reality shows. I used to religiously watch Big Brother. It was a brilliant new concept in the beginning, then people started getting wise to it and saw that no matter who you were in the house, you could earn a bit of cash from the magazine’s, or get a T.V contract, even if you did not win. It seems every couple of months there’s a new idea for a reality show starting on our screen’s. Ask yourself this. All these wannabe’s that do the circuit going from one show to another, where do they always seem to end up? Or at least if the last 4 or 5 years have anything to go by. On I’m a celebrity get me out of here, that’s where. Is it really so difficult to get ‘real’ celebs to take part in the shows. By real celebs I mean, people who have worked damn hard and learnt their trade and started from the bottom working their way up to the top. These days celeb seems to mean something completely different. You can now be a celebrity for sleeping with someone, being involved in a scandal with someone famous, being YouTube, being a family member of someone slightly famous, making a complete fool of yourself on other reality shows, to the point your own family would disown you out of sheer embarrassment, after you do whatever it takes to get some attention. To be honest, I would not be surprised if some of them applied because the get a chance to shove a penis or testicles in their mouths, and doing it on camera, in their heads, makes them more famous and better liked. I’m sure a lot of them have this deep need to be accepted and liked. Maybe’s it’s a thing from their childhood, I don’t know. I’m no shrink, but they certainly seem to really want the attention to me.

I’m getting slightly off track here and getting on my soap box. My point is, hardly anyone in the jungle is what I would class as a celebrity. They have done nothing to deserve or earn that title. They haven’t worked at their profession since they were kids to get where they are.

For the second year running, I will not be watching the show. I have a funny feeling that I won’t ever watch it again if they continue using reality wannabe’s instead of real celebs.

That’s my rant over for today. Let me know your thoughts in the comment’s down below.

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