2 thoughts on “Mmmmm coffee. Great for people watching while sitting here”

  1. im just having coffee watching your u tube video on Sol Lanzarote. .it was good too see that .We are going on 26th Jan and we know it wont be hot but reviews seemed good on hotel..My husband is putting me offit showing me aeroplanes flying low past it , he likes planes so no botjer to him but they seem really low. are other places easy to get to ex: puerto del carmen..x

    1. Yes most places are really easy to get to from the hotel be there by taxi bus or even walking if you are fit enough or as we did hiring a car at the airport. To be honest yes you see the planes coming in but you don’t really notice them in the end and they don’t make you loads of noise in my opinion how’s the runway is still along the beach from the hotel. Have a great time while you were there. I’m jealous I wish I was going . we will hopefully be going back in October.

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