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Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri Review

Review of the 26 cm ( 10 inch ) Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri.

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I received this pan from Ozeri to review and straight away I was more than happy. The first thing that struck me was the stylish look of this pan. With its contrasting lime green exterior colouring and black inside, it looks great on the cooker. The next thing was the balance whilst holding the pan. With a lot of other pans when holding them, they seem to want to so heavy that they nearly bend your wrist. Even though this pan is made from Made out of durable heavy-gauge pure aluminium it seems ideally weighted in my opinion to avoid the wrist bending. It seems very comfortable to hold. Mind you this pan is only the 26cm one so is not a large pan.

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This pan comes coated with GREBLON® ceramic – an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free which means there no heavy metals or chemicals used in the coating. The GREBLON® ceramic coating means the ceramic should have Extreme hardness, high level of scratch and abrasion resistance, be easy to clean, have high level of temperature resistance, be fast at heating up, and is guaranteed suitability for food contact. Ceramic GREBLON® coatings are among the few ceramic coatings which have repeatedly been rated “good” on both aluminium and stainless steel by LGA (Nuremberg, Germany). LGA approved (No. 4935096, 3042830 and 3043292)
When it comes to product manufacturing and testing German companies are up there at the top for quality. When I know the manufacturer is a German company it gives me a reassurance that I know I am getting a well made product.

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The size makes it totally ideal for someone cook for themselves, for example bacon for one sandwich or a small omelette. If like us, you normally cook for a family, this size pan would not be big enough unless you just use it to cooks some of the ingredients to add to the main meal. But then again, not everyone eats the size meals we do.
We have tried all sorts in this pan from fried eggs to back and sausages, to cheese. Even though the stuff can burn, obviously thats up to the cook to avoid that, nothing sticks permanently to the pan. Everything we have cooked just wipes off easily under hot water without a problem. Although ETM test magazine 03/2012 gave GREBLON® three times top marks for function and scratch resistance, like all pans with a coating, try to avoid using metal utensils to help prolong the life of the coating. We have ruined so many pans in the past using forks etc and ended up damaging the coating which over time gets worse and worse. You have been warned.

All in all, I am more than happy with this pan. As strange or as weird as it sounds, I actually enjoy using this pan instead of my other small frying pans. I am seriously considering buying the 30cm ( 12 inch ) pan for my collection.

For all of you out there that have induction cookers, this pan has a magnetised induction stove safe base for rapid heat transfer

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The pans are available on Amazon Uk here
and at here

There are also glass lids available for this range of pans as well.

Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder review


When I received my Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder I was not sure what to expect as I have never owned an electric pepper grinder before so I was not sure how good they were.
The grinder came packaged in a sturdy cardboard box ensuring it wouldn’t get damaged in transit.

Once opened I was greeted by a black, stylish and smooth feeling device. Kind of like a plastic / rubber type of feel to it. Straight away I could tell this is very grippy and unless I was on a day where I was being clumsy, I wouldn’t be dropping this. In the description on the box is states that it has an ultra soft grip. I would not say this is correct. It is certainly not what I would call soft grip in any capacity. It does have a nice feel to it, theres no denying that but not soft. I would say its smooth and hard to touch.

The grinder is about 6 inches tall with a polished chrome button on the top. Towards the bottom of the grinder there is a clear window to see the pepper so you can instantly tell if it needs refilling or not. Underneath the window is a 3 position slider switch to give you the ability to adjust the size of the grind. You can go from very fine grind where is nearly like powder up to big chunky pieces if you so wish.

The grinder comes with a durable ceramic grinder so should last a long time before wearing out. It runs on 6 ( yes 6 ) AAA batteries which are not included so you will have to buy these yourself. So far, at the time of this review, I cannot say how long those batteries will last but considering it takes 6 of them and you only grind for a couple of seconds at a time, I would imagine they will last a while. One neat feature I like is that it has a finger-print resistant coating. Theres nothing worse that a nice stylish designed device that as soon as you use it gets finger-prints on it.

Opening the grinder to fill it or put batteries in is easy. Just hold the top section and the bottom section and twist. There is an arrow on the top section to align with the padlock icons on the window.

One thing I did notice about this grinder is that the slider can be a little stiff to move. I am assuming this is maybes because of the mechanism may be stopped by a peppercorn rather than a fault but I am not sure.

This grinder can be used for both pepper and salt, so having one of each would be a really nice addition to the dining table.

All in all, I have to say that for my first ever electric grinder, I love this. Being a man, I love, love, love gadgets and having one for the dining table is great. Its such a great machine.