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Problems updating NextScript

What a job I have had trying to update my NextScript Autoposter ( or Social Networks Autoposter (SNAP) as its now known as ) so that my WordPress blog will auto post to my new Facebook page rather than my profile.


Even after following all the instructions step by step and double and sometimes triple checking them, it still would not auto post.
After trawling through their support pages for known problems and how to fix them, it looks like it was down to broken content filters.

Thankfully, even though I am not tech savvy when it comes to website stuff, I sorted it all on my own without the help of my tech dept ( you know who you are) as they were more than likely asleep. They’ve not been feeling to well lately so I will let them off on this occasion.

Hopefully, when I can come up with some ideas I will post something on this blog, as I enjoy and miss blogging, but just got writers block and moved to vlogging instead. (Steve W thewrighttimes on YouTube ).

Anyway, until next time, take care and bye for now

Bother. It didn’t go to plan

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.30.35

Drawn numbers were 3, 14, 22, 38, 45, 46, 16

Well that didn’t go to plan. Out of 8 lines I did, I got one solitary number so did not win a penny. Ahh well, it was fun. I’m glad I found William Hill doing the Irish Lottery as I have been looking for somewhere to do it the same as in the Bookmakers.

My Irish Lottery test

Since the english Nation Lottery has changed its rules and went to 59 numbers from 49 and the odds of winning the big one have gone from something around 14 million to one to 45 million to one. Thats a massive jump. It was bad enough when they simply changed it to 2 pound a play from 1 pound never mind the bad odds. Since the changes we have not won once. We get a free lucky dip nearly ever week but still get nothing from it. Not even 3 numbers, which we used to get quite often on the old rules.
years ago I used to enjoy plying the Irish Lottery. I was lucky on it quite often. The winnings are not as much as the English lottery but in my eyes more chances to win. even picking just 3 numbers to come out can land you 600+ pounds on the 6 number draw, compared to 25 pound on the UK lottery. Tonight to see if I have more luck, I have done the normal 6 lines on the English lottery ( I put them on for Denise’s works syndicate as I am the only one with an account ) and 6 line of 3 numbers on the Irish for myself plus 2 extra lines of 2 numbers at 50p a line. I hope I win something as Christmas has really hit the bank balance this years.

Here are the numbers I picked from the Irish lottery. Wish me luck.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 17.30.35

A small favour of you lovely folk

Just a quick post this time

I am hopefully going to start using my YouTube channel alongside my blog for vlogs and reviews, so if you fancy popping across and subbing me you could well be in with a chance of seeing my ugly mug every so often.
I used to vlog a lot up until a couple of years ago so would be nice to get back into it again. Hopefully work doesn’t get in the way this time.

My YouTube channel can be found here

Many thanks guys. I really hope some of you pop across and subscribe. It would mean a lot.

Take care and have a great weekend.

A cheap way to travel. Blablacar

While reading a random website today, something caught my eye. It was an advert for a rather unique ( I think anyway ) service. Dee reminded me that a friend of ours last year told us about it as he uses it a lot. The service in question is called Blablacar. Blablacar is pretty much an organised hitchhiking system. This is a really popular service in Europe and has really taken off there, but in Britain as with a lot of other things we try to take part in, it not taken off as well as elsewhere.
Basically, according to the Blablacar website, you

1. Find a ride. Just enter your departure and arrival points and your travel date, then choose a driver offering a ride going your way. Before getting in touch, you can check the trusted profile of the drivers, with a photo, mini bio and member ratings.
2. Get in touch. Click on Contact Driver button and then contact your driver via phone or private message to book your seat with them. If you send a private message, BlaBlaCar will immediately notify the driver of your message via SMS. This is a free service.
3. Travel together. Be at the planned meeting point on time! Remember to bring exact change so you can pay your driver the agreed contribution during your trip. After travelling together leave a rating for your driver, they will return the favour and it will boost your Experience Level. Drivers prefer travelling with passengers who have a high Experience level.

Theres quite a bit on their site about safety etc etc as to be expected, but in Europe payment is handled through the website, so users’ address and bank details are on file. In the UK, where payment is cash in hand, it is still possible for someone to advertise with nothing more than a mobile number and email address. Hopefully this will change over time to help with personal security.

Have a read of this writers personal experience post from the Guardian newspaper here

The official website is here

Used correctly it can mean people can travel all over the place very cheaply. Once your journey is inputted into their website, it calculates the minimum and maximum cost of the journey so that people cannot use it as a profit making scheme. Being a non profit making system it means that you don’t need commercial insurance as well.

It can be a bit hit and miss as to your transport. You could end up in a rough ( but roadworthy) car or van or if you are really lucky, a high end Jag.

It looks a really good idea to me. Whats your thoughts on it. Have you actually used this site. Let us know of any experiences you have had.

Junk mail. How can you stop it?

This is one thing that really gets on my goat, beats my baton, boils my pee, etc etc etc.


We get loads of it. Everything from restaurants to takeaways, to Avon, to local council / political elections to events at the local community centre. I am sick to death of this rubbish. To make it worse, I bought a sign and stuck it to the front door.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 00.11.18

Do they take any notice of it? Do they heckers. They still just dump their crap through the door.
I did give one unfortunate guy a shouting at from the bedroom window couple of weeks ago. He was very apologetic and even tried sticking his hand back through the letter box to retrieve the junk mail he had just deposited there. No luck, it was already littering my hall floor.

( not my hallway in this photo. Photo courtesy of )

I am sooooooooo tempted to keep all the junk mail and select one lucky ( or unlucky ) recipient from all those companies, and go and dump the lot all over their shop. A different one each time. I assume I would be threatened with a beating if I did that at a takeaway or restaurant.

Do you guys have much problem with junk mail? How do you deal with it. Any devious ideas about how to get it to stop.

Please please please be careful on the roads.

First off I would like to say I do not and have never been a motorcyclist so I cannot comment from a motorcyclists point of view but I am a car driver. In fact, I have, as I type this decided I will not give my point of view or opinion of this other than to say all drivers and riders, and I mean ALL, need to be more aware of whats happening around them and watch their speed whilst on the road. Also, I know theres a sort of thing between bike riders and car drivers where one always says the other is at fault or should pay more attention. Truth is we all need to. We are all vulnerable when we are on the roads driving whatever vehicle we are in or on.
While watching this video I actually paused it a few times to decide whether or not I wanted to proceed watching it. IT IS hard to watch but it hits home as a stark reminder of the dangers out there and how quick they can happen.
I am posting this so that all my fellow bloggers and readers will take heed and be careful whilst driving or riding.

This video can be distressing to see. Please don’t watch if you are easily upset
This is hard-hitting footage of a fatal collision in Norfolk has been released by police in a bid to get motorcyclists and drivers to think seriously about road safety. Viewers are warned that this video contains content which some may find distressing, but it does not show any graphic images of the rider during or after the collision and they are given the option to refrain from viewing.

My thoughts go out to the family and loved ones of David Holmes.

It’s that time again

Well,  I have had to resign myself to the fact that that time has come around quickly this time. That time I dread,  like so many other people do. No,  not that horrible time when you have to start school runs again and get stressed at the incompetence of other drivers,  but something equally as bad.  It’s enough to send a shiver down your spine,  make your stomach turn until you physically want to puke,  and that time that can literally turn your hair grey.



Ignore all the paperwork on the shelf.  That’s for another day. At least I can see the desk now.  WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sick of rubbish service

At the time of typing this I am so pee’d off. In fact this is a big understatement. This is why. A few weeks ago I ordered a new halogen cooker from Ideal World TV. I was really looking forward to getting it and trying it out. We already have one but its start to look a bit past its best so decided on the new one. As per with Ideal World, it took about 5 days top arrive. When it did, we were keen to get it up and running, then Dee spotted a dent in the expansion ring. Although it wouldn’t of affected the performance of the cooker, she was not happy as she wanted a one in pristine condition, not damaged. Fair enough. I rang Ideal World and arranged collection of the item. I was a few days till it was collected, then what seems like another week after that before it processed as received by Ideal World. Then another wait for them to process a replacement and get it to me. So far, to date its been 2 and a half weeks from the initial order to typing this and I still have not got my replacement.
Today to top it off, I wait in for the courier, as per the emails from Ideal World and the couriers Hermes. It was confirmed on the van. I sat in all day and even had to rearrange other stuff to be in only to find at 14.46 they reschedule without notice or explanation for tomorrow. I rang Ideal World and even though the IVR verified me, the adviser decided he still wanted to do further security checks. Eventually after a twenty something minute call I was told that after he checked with the courier that Hermes didn’t even put it on the van, even though their website clearly shows on the van.
Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 17.15.17

Tomorrow I have stuff to do which I was meant to do today and also run Gee to and from town for a school visit to some museums. I have to do this stuff as well as stay in for the courier. Frickin brilliant, also approaching the weekend.

My day in town.

To pass the time, I thought I would blog on the go today, and update the blog as the day went by.

After spending the last week or two sweltering whilst driving my car, I have decided to bit the bullet and fork out the money required to get the air conditioning in the car fixed. I’ve been putting it off for the last year or so due to the cost. It needs a whole new air conditioning unit to be fitted. This means spending about three and a half hours hobbling around town with my walking stick as my back is giving me loads of grief. Not fun. I’d rather be at home relaxing on the settee.
All this excitement  discomfort calls for a coffee at Starbucks where I can spend the time sitting rather than walking and partake in one of my favourite pastimes, people watching.
Well it’s now been two hours. I went to J. G windows in Newcastle’s Central Arcade and bought the Auf Wiedersehen Pet 30th Anniversary reunion dvd. Can’t wait to watch it.
I have just paid a visit to the Apple store to get a replacement charge cable for Gee’s ipad. I really wish she would learn not to bend them or just yank them out. I’m gonna make sure she pays for this one.
While wandering around town I saw two Space Invader tile motifs on walls. Here is one.


I read up a bit on them when I got home and apparently the person who puts these up is known as ‘Invader’ surprisingly enough. He is an ‘artist’. Some view him as a vandal and he does not get permission to put these motifs up on buildings.
Read about him here, or google space invader street art.
Personally, I like these. Because I used to play space invaders when I was younger, these motifs bring a smile to my face.

I have now received my car back and its lovely and cold inside now. Like a fridge. So nice when outside its 22 degrees. Ahhhhh blissssss