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My first ever Ghost hunt. 35 Stonegate, York. 3rd Aug 2013

My review of the ghost hunt at 35 Stonegate, York plus ghost walk beforehand organised by GCUK. ( )

It was originally planned for me to attend this, my first ever ghost hunt, with a friend, but due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’, he was unable to attend so I was left to do it by myself. I was really looking forward to it but nervous at the same time, as I had never met anyone who would be there before. I had nothing to worry about. Everyone, from GCUK staff to the other guests, were lovely. I felt welcome straight away.
Before the main ghost hunt, some of us met up for a ghost walk of York led by Simon Entwistle ( ). Simon took us to places that I have been to before and know a little bit about them already due to researching but Simon gave loads more detail. Whichever place he took us to, he made it really interesting.There was non of this cheesy stuff the normal touristy ghost trails do. No cheesy costumes, hammed up acting or people jumping out etc. I’m really glad, as I hate all that. Simon told it seriously. The story I think touched everyone the most was when we visited Bedern and heard about the children that died there. The whole place, even though its outdoors had an imposing feel about it. Such a sad story. I even took my better half and daughter there the next day to tell them about it.
Simon is a true gent and made a point of chatting to everyone. Thank you Simon.

Ghost hunt:
All the guests were made to feel part of the group and were fully protected from the very beginning. We were involved in everything and offered the chance to take part in experiments. I tried the Ouija board with 3 other guys. Unfortunately our spirit who we suspect was messing around earlier and pretending to be someone he wasn’t didn’t want to communicate at that time, even though he came through strong on the human pendulum earlier in the night. I also was given the chance to use the laser thermometer and I even had a go of Mike Blackers thermal imager. Being a bloke, I found this really cool.
Some people had to be removed from rooms due to being effected by spirit or other reasons. There was even one or two people scratched. The GCUK staff were fantastic on these occasions, making sure the affected person was totally ok.
Personally, I attended expecting a repeat of my April visit where I felt some very strong stuff. For some reason this time I didn’t. The place felt a lot different. At times, it felt sort of ‘flat’ to me. Saying that, there were some knocking and footsteps heard, and shadows seen. One of the highlights for myself was being in the attic with Mike Blacker . I sat on a chair in the corner and I started getting a strange feeling on my right calf. It was if someone had a gentle hold on it. At the same time as this, I felt a cold spot beside me At the same time as this Mike picked up the cold spot on his Flir thermal imager. We both picked this up before the other had a chance to say anything about it. I could feel the edges of this cold spot which was approx. 3 foot tall. Mike checked the area and could not find any signs of drafts from anywhere. Mike then left me alone in the attic to check something happening on the stairs. I sat there feeling totally relaxed with this ‘cold spot’. I felt as if this was a child, but could not tell if it was male or female, but I remember at the time I kept getting mental images of a boy. I even chatted to it and thanked it for being so well behaved. According to what Mike has mentioned since then, our cold spot, dissipated at the same time, as the spirit of a child disappeared in the lantern room that the girls were communicating with. It was a bit strange how one moment the cold shape was there and the next moment it was gone.
There was one funny occasion when Jenny Bryant ran across the dining room screaming because ‘something’ touched her leg. It turns out the guy she was standing beside moved the curtain to check behind it and it touched against Jenny’s leg. That was very funny.
All in all, I had a totally amazing night and will definitely want to do it again.
The GCUK staff are brilliant. Nothing was a bother for them. Any question anyone had was answered. They always made sure everyone was safe and well.
Its right what they say about 35 Stonegate. It certainly gets under your skin. In total, I’ve been there 5 times now. 4 normal visits and 1 ghost hunt. Everytime I go to York, its one place I make a beeline for.

‘Haunted’, 35, Stonegate, York. My experience and review.

Has anyone experienced anything like I did when I did the tour of the house on 5th April this year. This is the 4th time Ive done the tour, so now I just blank the audio out altogether. On this occasion I was with my partner and 3 other friends. Entering the shop, all was fine, paid the money and went through to the waiting area. The instant I crossed the threshold from the waiting room into the first room, I got a strong, horrible feeling like someone was very ( and I mean VERY ) close. It was like a very imposing,threatening feeling. It was making me feel weak and light headed a bit. This continued all through the house apart from the mirror room and the dining room. In the Seance Room I saw a dull grey shape appear in front of the fire place. It was about 25 inches ( ish ) in height, about 3 ft off the ground. It fade away then came back in same place but smaller about 12 – 15 inches the disappeared. On photos I took there, an orb shows in exactly the same place at the same time, but I just put this down to dust as the room was dusty at the time. Then in the cellar, the close, imposing, threatening feeling was back. I even took an arms length photo of myself just in case something showed , but nothing appeared on the photo. All of a sudden my mouth tasted and felt as if it filled up with blood. It tasted awful. So bad I put my torch on and stuck my fingers in my mouth to check. Nothing was there, my mouth was not bleeding. It was a horrible, bloody / coppery taste.
Even after leaving the tour and being back in the shop I felt weak and light headed and still had the horrible taste in my mouth. This taste stayed with me all night, even after scrubbing my mouth with toothpaste back at the hotel and having drinks at the pubs etc. It was with me till I fell asleep that night but was gone in the morning.
Whats peoples thoughts on this, and have any of you experienced anything like this while at the house? Out of the 4 times Ive been there, this time was the worst. Still wont stop me going back though.

To me, this place is the most active place I have ever been. For anyone who is ‘sensitive’, this place is a must to visit, and if possible, do one of the organised night time ghost hunts.

Update: fingers crossed, and all being well in my personal life, I shall be going back to the house for a proper ghost hunt at the beginning of August with GCUK ( ). I wonder what sort of unearthly experiences I shall have on that occasion.