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Medication poem

I am back with my bag of meds
For my back and for my head
Take them after food at night
Sleep for hours, out go the lights

Some will help you with the pain
The others to stop you going insane
Hopefully make you a bit happier
Be aware, all will make you sleepier

One at night, two at night, three at night, four
Make sure I take them, listen to me snore
Stop me having all them bad thoughts
The ones that keep you awake and tied up in knots

I’ll take the meds to get me by
My mood can be low, don’t ask me why
I wish I could find a med that works
So my days don’t go by like a fuzzy blur

Health Hop

Love is

Love is, waking up with the love of your life
Love is, one day seeing her as your wife
Love is, having someone to share your time
Love is, knowing forever you’ll be mine

Love is, having you there through thick and thin
Love is, enjoying your cheeky grin
Love is, surviving our every woes
Love is, like a gentle china rose

Love is, a snowflake on a winters day
Love is, a sailing boat in a small sheltered bay
Love is, a tiny acorn on a forest floor
Love is, a lover coming back from war

Love is, the making up after a fight
Love is, looking into her eyes, so sparkling and bright
Love is, forgiving all their wrongs
Love is, singing to each other your favourite songs

Love is, the first time holding your new born child
Love is, that special feeling when you first smiled
Love is, looking back through stories told
Love is, that cute red nose, when the weather is cold

Love is, promising you will always be true
Love is, that special bond like we always knew
Love is, growing old and your grandchild’s breath
Love is, everlasting long, after our deaths