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Magic Moments 0505014

I think this is the last photo I ever took of my brother Jimmy, and the last time he went out anywhere, before he passed away in 2011. This photo always makes me happy and sad at the same time. It was such a lovely day and we all had a laugh. Jimmy even shocked the staff at a local sports shop that day by doing an impression of Andy Pipkin from Little Britain ( note the wheelchair ). He was saying ‘ I want one of those’, in an Andy Pipkin voice. Jimmy loved to have a good laugh, and to wind people up.
This photo just captured a perfect moment between Gee and Jimmy as she was pushing him down the ramp a bit too fast. Jimmy was by then, nearly blind so could not do it himself.
The photo makes me sad for obvious reasons, knowing that I will never see my brother again until I pop off my mortal coil.
I will always cherish this photo.

Georgia and Jimmy

Magic Moments 27/4/14

A friend of mine, Rick ( Old Salty 65 )who I met via my old YouTube channel kindly sent me these gifts. He is an old sea dog from the Royal Australian Navy. These gifts were a real surprise to receive. He sent me a lovely baseball cap with the Royal Australian Navy badge on it, some Anzac Day and military commemorative badges and a lovely pen. As luck would have it, these actually arrived the day before Anzac Day, so just in time. Even though I’m not Australian on from New Zealand, I wore the cap all day for them.

I am very thankful and grateful for these gifts. Its very very kind of him to think of me and send these.

Anzac Day magic moments collage

Magic Moments . A brilliant weekend

For the Bank Holiday weekend, D, G and myself went to stay at a converted old railway station. Lots of alcohol was drunk in the hot tub.

Magic Moments 140414

My new bass guitar. An Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass