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Magic Moments 23/3/15

This is the best and most fun way to destroy all sensitive paperwork. Totally beats shredding the stuff.




Magic Moments 16/3/15

Last night Dee and myself went to the Newcastle Arena and saw Spandau Ballet. I don’t normally do this but I bought more expensive seats than normal as it was a band I wanted to see since the 80’s. We were very shocked when we got to our seats. We knew we were close, but didn’t think we would be as close as we were. It was a great night. Totally coincidental that it fell on this date, but its a Mothers Day that Dee won’t forget in a while.





Magic Moments 8th Dec 2014

I little while back my friend, Marc ( sent me these pics he did using daft photos of me. Even though he’s taking the mick out of me, I couldn’t help but laugh, especially at the ‘Up’ one. Cheeky sod he is.



Magic Moments 13th Oct 2014. A treasured Photo

While going though some old photos that I came across while I was clearing out my late parents house last year I came across this photo of my Nana ( my Mothers Mother ) and my Grandad ( my Dads Dad ). They both died in the 1970’s. This is exactly how I remember them from when I was a kid. I love this photo.

Nana and Grandad

Enjoying the sunshine. Magic Moments 29th Sept 2014

This our newest cat, Franklin, enjoying a bit of shut eye in the sunshine on the bed.


Magic Moments 15th Sept 2014. Going for her first drive

After Gee’s birthday last week, we dropped a last present on her. Her first ever driving lesson. She was thrilled.
I will be doing a blog soon about it.


Magic Moments 8th Sept 2014. My new bass

As soon as I saw this bass guitar I knew I had to have it. It was like ‘ It will be mine’ thing from Waynes World.
It needs a few things doing to it, but still its a beauty.

Jazz bass collage 2

Magic Moments 1st Sept 2014

This photo was taken when I did a GCUK ghost hunt at Yorks haunted house on Stonegate with Karl Beattie and Stu Torevell from Really uk TV’s Most Haunted. Despite what people think of the show, whether its real or fake, I was really chuffed to meet these two guys. They are so down to earth and friendly, and so so funny. They didn’t make you feel like you were with TV personalities at all. It was like they had known you for years.
It was the last GCUK ghost hunt to be held at the house as a couple of days later it closed its ghostly doors for the last time. Rumour has it, its to be sympathetically converted into offices. Mediums were going to be visiting to sent the resident spirits on their way. Good luck with that. There were some pretty strong spirits in the house and personally ( other people agree ), I cannot see the spirit clearing working. In a way I hope it doesn’t. I would like to think it will still be an extremely haunted location. Thats my personal thoughts though.


Goodbye to 35 Stonegate. Magic Moments 25th Aug 2014

Just got this post in on time for the Monday.

This is my Magic Moments post to say goodbye to a building that is close to the hearts of many friends of mine. It is the haunted house at 35 Stonegate in York. It closed its doors today before being gutted and transformed into what we believe are offices. There will be mediums brought in to rid the house of the spirits that live there but to be honest myself and lots of other people I know, think this will not work as the some of the spirits there have a lot of energy. I had the pleasure of attending the very last GCUK ghost hunt on Friday. I will do a separate post about that.


A visit to the garden centre. Magic Moments 11th Aug 2014