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Todays Nutribullet recipe. Weight update.

The last couple of weeks I have not been on my diet as planned for whatever reasons, and last week I didn’t do any Nutribullet drinks at all due to lack of ingredients. I now have stuff in so fingers crossed I can get in the right frame of mind and start blasting ( as Nutribullet users call making drinks ).

I weight myself this morning and I’m still around the same weight. Maybes put on a couple of pounds due to the rubbish I ate last week. I am currently 17st 3lb. I must start losing weight. Have to stay positive.

Todays drink is as follows:

From now on, the scoop I will use is one of those cone shaped scoops for using with ground coffee. The seem like a good size for this purpose.

1 x Kiwi fruit
2 x small plums
50% baby spinach
1 x Handful of blueberries
1 x cored red apple
4 bits of walnut
1 x scoop of flaxseed
2 x scoop of Goji berries
1 x scoop of pumpkin seed



Result: Nice and creamy texture but not brilliant on tast. I is still drinkable but only a mild fruity taste. Its not as sweet as I expected. With this one, its worth blasting it as normal, then pulsing a few times.

Nutribullet: Lovely, creamy and sweet.

What a really tasty, fruity, refreshing drink todays experiment is. Definitely one I will try again. I have read, if you don’t drink it fresh as soon as its made, the figs can go off and it wont taste as nice. Mines not lasting that long though. The pumpkin seeds give this blast a creamy consistency.

50% baby spinach
2 medium figs
1 medium banana
1 x Handful frozen mixed fruit
Goji berries
1 x tbls pumpkin seed mix



Nutribullet: Todays drink. Quite nice

Todays experimental concoction is quite nice. Not too sweet, not too bitter. A nice tasty start to the day.

50% baby spinach
1 x tsp Maca powder
Goji berries
3 x plum tomatoes
1 x plum ( pitted )
1 x tsp flac seeds
small handful of red grapes
1/2 handfull blueberries



Nutribullet: Fruit and veg delight

Todays experimental recipe was lovely. Sweet, but not too sweet, just nice. This one goes down as my best yet. I like it so much I think I’m gonna call this Fruit and veg delight ( unless someone else can think of a better name for me to call it ). I think next time I might make it colder but adding an ice cube or make sure the fresh berries are chilled


50% Kale
1 pitted plum
1/2 a handful Frozen mixed berries
1x large strawberry
2 x small plum tomatoes
Flac seeds
Goji berries
1 x banana


Why you should rotate your greens

If you enjoy eating healthily and / or like smoothies,  this post is full of useful information about your greens

Todays Nutribullet drink

After working in the shed giving it a well needed tidy up after a summer of just dumping stuff in there, I decided I need a nice, cold, refreshing drink so I blended together a concoction in the Nutribullet. I’m still experimenting with ingredients so at the moment I’m taking my chances.

Todays recipe was

50% Kale
1 x cored medium apple
2 tbl spoons of Goji berries
Flac seeds
1 x handful frozen mixed berries

Was a bit tangy. Quite a strong apple flavour. Still on a nice hot day like today while I’m clearing out the shed, it was nice and refreshing as I hoped. I think next time, this could do with something a bit sweet to take the tanginess away a bit.



Week 1: Nutribullet drinks. Start of getting healthier


Well here we are. As promised I am going to start my health kick. As I said, I really need to get myself sorted and lose weight and start eating healthier. I’m not saying its all going to be easy and plain sailing but every journey starts with one step.
The main things I need to do straight off is to start taking in more fruit and veg. Yeah I have sunday dinner with veg on but thats not a lot for a whole week and its normally boiled to hell and back so all the goodness would be gone out of it. So with that in mind, I am going to start using my Nutribullet seriously. I can see lots of experiments coming up while I mess about with flavours and health benefits etc. The other thing I really need to do is cut right back or stop completely, my bread intake. I am a major bread freak. I would have bread with every meal if I could.

I got weighed a few days ago to get my starting weight. It was about what I was expecting. I am currently 17 stone 4 pound ( 107.9549 kg ). Well over weight. No wonder I have back problems so much.

So today I experimented with two different Nutribullet recipes.


1 x banana
1 x medium pear
Handful of red grapes
2 inch slice of cucumber
50% Kale
1 level tsp of Spirulina

This was nice but as with any drink you make with banana in it, thats all you can taste.
At first it had a very thick froth on the top, so I drank a bit then blasted it again in the Bullet and it turned out really smooth then. Like I say, its nice but I can imagine getting bored of the banana taste after a while. Someone recommended doubling up on the other ingredients to combat that.

Drink number 2


50% Kale
Handful of frozen mixed fruit
1 x cored apple
Goji Berries

This is my best yet. Such a refreshing taste. I would say the predominant taste is the apple. It has a curious reddy / brown colour to it.
Notice, I left out the banana on this one. Soon as I took a drink I literally said ‘wow’. It was such a change from the other drinks I have made in the past. This one is definitely my favourite so far.