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Sureflap Pet Door review.

This is my review of the Sureflap Pet Door after a weeks usage. This is not a paid review. We bought the Pet Door ourselves.

After a week of our cats having to come to terms with us not being at their beck and call and having to get up and open the window every five minutes to let them in or out and wasting valuable heat in this cold weather, they are eventually getting used to the new addition to our their house. Last week, if you read my previous post, you will know I installed a Sureflap pet door. Not the easiest job in the world, cutting a gaping hole in a UPVC door and making sure its the right size and shape, but I more or less got it done. It still need adjusting and straightening up a touch, but its in and its solid.

The Sureflap Pet door is a cat flap that is locked at a pre designated time ( cerfew mode ) so that the cats are locked in at night and allowed out during the day, subject to other lock modes we may have to use for different reasons. The flap locks are unlocked by detecting the cats microchip, which you register with the flap right at the start. So any cat thats not chipped or registered with the flap cannot open the cat flap and cause chaos in the house.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 01.04.52

Anyway, we have three cats. Molly, the oldest, Costa, the middle one and Franklin the youngster of the three. Molly and Frankin both took to the door within a day or so. Getting used to the loud click that it produces when the locks lock or unlock. Costa though, being the sensitive soul he is, took a bit longer. Its took him about 4 or 5 days to get the courage up to use it without us holding it open for him. We even had to activate a custom mode on the flap so that the locks stayed open during the day. He still needs a bit of coaxing from time to time to go through but we just ignore them now and they come and go as they like throughout the day. The cats definitely seem a lot happier in my opinion. Having all this freedom all of a sudden. Its funny at 5.45 am seeing them sitting there waiting for the locks to click open at the end of the nights cerfew so they can get out and patrol their patch.

The Sure flap pet door, which is the top of the range flap they sell is quite expensive, retailing at around 119.00 ukp ( might find it slightly cheaper elsewhere if you shop around.) direct from Sureflap themselves at Sureflap. We got ours at a better price at 99.85 from
They offer a 15% off your very first order as well, which saves you even more money. We received the Pet door within 2 days. It was a nice easy transaction.

With regards to Sureflap themselves. Yes their direct price is more expensive but one place they do stand out is with their customer service. I have emailed them with questions and even spoken to them on the phone and they are so polite and professional and try everything they can to rectify your query. So a massive thumbs up to Sureflap. I wish more companies were as courteous and easy to deal with as Sureflap.

Like I mentioned earlier, the do sell other cheaper flaps which may suit your needs, but we wanted the automatic cerfew mode locks.

They also sell automatic microchip controlled food bowls as well so each cat can have their own food without the other cats or dogs pinching it. Basically when the registered cat walks up, the see through lid opens up allowing the cat to have access to his food. When they walk away, it closes again stopping the other pets from pinching their food.
Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 01.01.52
Another great idea but not one I can afford yet, especially as they are selling for 99.99 ukp each. So for me it would be a few pence short of 300.00 ukp just for food bowls. Its a shame.

All in all, great products if you can find a decent price and definitely fantastic customer service.

Sureflap Pet Door

We have recently decided to invest in a Cat flap after one of our cats has started not coming back until it’s too late and she ends up locked out all day while we are out. After doing loads of research of different makes and features, I always ended up back at the Sureflap website. It was then a case of which model. I read all the reviews and watched every video I could find about Sureflap product and ended up deciding to go for the Pet Door.
I shopped around until I found the cheapest I could find, which was on the website. It arrived just a few days later.
I had already watched a video on how to install the Pet Door into the same type of door as mine, so I purchased a handsaw to go with the other tools I had, and the next day I set about installing the flap.
This is where it stated getting bad. The video I watched showed a man cutting a Georgian style UPVC door and installing the same cat flap as I have. He seemed to make it look a lot easier. Whether it was all down to editing the video and cutting out all his swearing or he is a master tradesman, I don’t know but what a complete b***h it is to cut through the door and decorative trims.

All the bending down and twisting and vigorous sawing left me in a lot of pain. I needed a really relaxing bath after that.

The annoying thing is, is that it still isn’t finished. The flap is in and screwed in but still need removing again and adjusting as it’s a bit lop sided. Also once I eventually get it sorted, I will probably squeeze some sealant around the edges to help keep the rain out of the door.

I will do another post about how the 3 cats of ours have taken to this new personal door of theirs.

Enjoying the sunshine. Magic Moments 29th Sept 2014

This our newest cat, Franklin, enjoying a bit of shut eye in the sunshine on the bed.


Franklin the cat thinks this is funny

Anyone who has cats and has a compoota or laptop will know this one


The new addition to our furry family

Last week, after loads and loads of working on Dee, she finally gave in and allowed us to get a third cat. We looked at kittens at a local neutering centre, but decided the risk was too high of the possibility of feline HIV as their cats and kittens were all feral ones or semi feral.
I decided to check a site I had followed on Facebook for a while. Helping Pets North East. I checked their site but could not see a suitable candidate. I decided to ring them for a chat. They were lovely on the phone and really informative. Helping Pets take in ‘at risk’ pets, many of whom are being given away ‘free to a good home’, or animals that the owners request us to take in as they feel they can no longer care for them. They may also take in a stray animal and try to locate its owner before putting it up for adoption. While on the phone, Kirsty, the woman who runs Helping Pets, told me of a male kitten called Franklin who was currently with a foster home and is looking for a forever home. She sent a few photos of Franklin to check out.



I couldn’t resist it. The facial markings just sold him to me. I sent them to Dee, and showed them to Gee, both of which really like him just from the photos.
The next step was to for a home visit by Kirsty to make sure we and our home was suitable for adopting a cat. That went fine, as expected. We then spoke to the fosterer, who coincidentally turned out to be one of our vets. She told us all about Franklin. Telling us how he is so full of energy and into everything. He also likes to chatter to himself. Sort of little chirps and meows. He also has a very loud purr and is very confident, so much so he won round a cat hating dog at the foster home within a week.
The next day, we picked little Franklin up, and straight away, he took to Gee, which was lovely to see. We brought him home, complete with his favourite toys from the fosterer. Once home, he settled in instantly. He didn’t hide away or look scared at all. He even went straight up to Molly and Costa to make friends, although they were not as keen. A little bit of hissing and growling from them, but no attacking. The only concern we had, was that he pants like a dog when he has been playing a lot. We checked with the fosterer who confirmed that they noticed this and they had given him a full medical and there was no problems with him. No cardiac problems or heart murmurs etc. It normally only lasts a few minutes then eases off. We will keep an eye on that, but the fosterer ( vet ) is not worried at all.
Since then he has settled right in. Costa and Molly are even getting used to him. There’s less and less hissing each day. When it does happen, its just because Franklin has rush up to them or looks like he wants to chase them.
Today, Franklin went for his first injection. No problems at all. He even made a few human friends at the vets.
Having Franklin in the house is like having a furry whirlwind rushing around. Once he has had a sleep he loves to rush round the house and drag his fish toys around, which looks really funny. He even likes to play fetch sometimes. We thrown one of his fish toys and he runs after it and brings it back.
For all you cat people out there, here are some photos for you to go awwwwww too.