Day off today with D and G which doesn’t happen often enough. I’m glad it’s a sunny day so far.
Can’t wait for pay day tomorrow. I can’t remember the last time I was so skint. It’s a horrible feeling not being able to do the things you enjoy.
It’s now only 11 days till our holiday. We are of to stay in a caravan. It’s the first time we have done it but it’s been recommended by a few of our friends. There loads for G to do there and loads of places to visit. I no doubt be taking loads of photos while away.

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Daft cat

Instead of coming in the open window, she just waited to sit in the greenhouse while it was pouring with rain.

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Tynemouth – outdoor swimming pool forty years ago

This is what the pool used to be like in its heyday. Its a shame to see it the way it is now.
Photo posted on Flickr by my friend Terry Wha

Tynemouth outdoor pool

Tynemouth outdoor pool, originally uploaded by SG68.

This is Tynemouth outdoor pool from the outside of it as it is nowadays.

Tynemouth Outdoor Pool low level

Tynemouth Outdoor Pool low level, originally uploaded by SG68.

This was taken on a day out a couple of weeks ago in Tynemouth.
This shot was taken in the now derelict Tynemouth outdoor pool. I remember swimming in this pool when I was a kid. It used to be packed with people. The grassy bank on the right of the image is where the changing rooms used to be situated.