Another iPad screen smashed

Kids can be so clumsy at times. Well this time we don’t have the money to get it fixed yet. She will have to learn to live without her iPad for the time being.

A few things done

Got a few things done today that I needed to get done. Chilli Con Carni for tea tonight

The girls Sunday vlog ( Vlog #23)

The girls kindly took over vlogging duties today and did a great job.

Lazy Saturday

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Not much happened this Saturday due to back ache. I spent most of the day in bed, plus the meds were knocking me out so I kept falling asleep.

Not much done today due to resting up in bed with an achy back

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She’s home

Getting stuff done

A long tiring day

A family Saturday

Vlogging with my Galaxy camera

The girls let loose with my camera