It’s amazing how things have progressed

Who would of thought that as little as maybe ten years ago we could not do things that we take for granted these days. Ten years ago I never thought that I would be able to do a real time video call to a friend in another country thousands of miles away or from a device small enough to wear on your wrist or from a mobile phone, you would be able to send a text, photo or video message to someone as well who is half way round the world. All real time. Sometimes I sit and think how amazing technology is these days and how quick it has progressed.

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These days composing your own music, making music on a computer, writing and publishing books, ordering shopping from the confines of a nice warm house to be delivered to your door. Finding any bit of information you need, from recipes, to holiday reviews. Its all there waiting to be experienced.

I wonder in another ten years what will we be using and doing then. What do you think we will be doing in ten years time with technology?

I remember when I was a kid, all the kids thought by the year 2000, we would be driving around in flying cars.

Well that never happened. Shame really, that would be fun. No more worrying about getting stuck in snow or floods etc. Imagine how cool that would be.

I just came across this image by The Telegraph newspaper. Sort of sums up what I mean. The evolution of humanity.

I would love to see virtual workstations like this for the home, like I have seen on films. Amazing.

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  1. Fantastic blog definitely good that it enables people to communicate where geographical location is no issue. Like when I Skype you from tenerife and you are in the UK… Real time chat and it was better than a phone call as it felt more personal. I like to talk to people face to face that’s my preference out of any. It’s amazing how things have progressed. In ten years time I wonder how much things will have changed further. Technology is an amazing but overwhelming thing. Sometimes I do like to stick to a pen and paper still I will admit. Like writing letters to people, postcards etc xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Me and Robert had a similar conversation because he was saying he wanted a new phone and we ended up talking about how technology has changed since we’ve been together. When I first met Robert he had a word processor (just like an electric typewriter but it had a small screen on it that showed about 5 lines of writing!) We thought it was amazing as it also printed about 10 different pictures (a bit like imojis today) as well as the usual punctuation symbols! These days, you can type better documents on a text message app!!!! šŸ™‚

    1. I had a word processor as well. I used to make rotas for my workmates on it. You could do graphs etc on it. Very hi tech at the time.

  3. Technology has deffinately changed over the years Iā€™m waiting for the flying cars too but not to sure if that will happen

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