Nutribullet: Todays drink. Quite nice

Todays experimental concoction is quite nice. Not too sweet, not too bitter. A nice tasty start to the day.

50% baby spinach
1 x tsp Maca powder
Goji berries
3 x plum tomatoes
1 x plum ( pitted )
1 x tsp flac seeds
small handful of red grapes
1/2 handfull blueberries



Another report on e-cigarettes

The e-cigarette argument rumbles on.

This was on today.
The Headline read: Report: E-Cigarettes Could Save Thousands.
Up to 54,000 premature deaths could be prevented every year in the UK if all smokers switched to e-cigarettes, experts say.

London researchers have dismissed recent health warnings over e-cigarettes as “misleading,” saying they have the potential to save tens of thousands of smokers every year.

For every million British smokers who give up tobacco products in favour of e-cigarettes, more than 6,000 premature deaths could be prevented annually, experts from University College London (UCL) have said.

They estimated that would equal over 54,000 lives saved every year, were all of Britain’s nine million smokers to switch.

The findings come in stark contrast to recent warnings over potential health risks associated with electronic cigarettes.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that bystanders can inhale significant levels of toxins from the vapour, and that they could be acting as a gateway to tobacco smoking.

But according to Professor Robert West and Dr Jamie Brown from UCL’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, the concentration of toxins in e-cigarettes is in fact “very low”.


In an editorial published in the British Journal of General Practice, they argued that the vapour contains “nothing like the concentrations of carcinogens and toxins as cigarette smoke”.

“In fact, toxin concentrations are almost all well below one twentieth that of cigarette smoke.”

Nevertheless, their figures accounted for the possibility that the devices carry an increased risk of death.

Their findings coincided with a separate report published by researchers from Kings College London who slammed WHO’s findings as “misleading”.

Lead author Professor Ann McNeill from the National Addiction Centre at King’s College London, said: “We were surprised by the negativity of the commissioned review, and found it misleading and not an accurate reflection of available evidence.

“E-cigarettes are new and we certainly don’t yet have all the answers to their long-term health impact, but what we do know is that they are much safer than cigarettes, which kill over six million people a year worldwide.”

Last week WHO called for stiff regulation of the devices and a ban on indoor use.

It also suggested restrictions on advertising and on sales to minors.


Personally I am glad someone is now coming out and saying that they are not as bad as cigarettes. Makes a change from the media making them out like they are massively dangerous. Yes there may well be dangers associated with them but nothing like real cigarettes. Vapor users have been saying this since they appeared on the market. I reckon the only time the Government will notice the benefits is when their figures show not as many people dying or needing surgery for smoking related illnesses. I wonder if that will be before they decide to tax the hell out of vapor liquids etc or put a blanket ban on them as they are losing money from cigarette sales.

And now for something a little different

Opinions will be split over this, but just for the sheer gaul of this soldier I couldn’t resist posting about it. Its not something you see everyday. I dread to think of the trouble he will get into, if they find out exactly which soldier it was. He must of been so bored and fed up and had been watching Monty Python the night before.

Magic Moments 1st Sept 2014

This photo was taken when I did a GCUK ghost hunt at Yorks haunted house on Stonegate with Karl Beattie and Stu Torevell from Really uk TV’s Most Haunted. Despite what people think of the show, whether its real or fake, I was really chuffed to meet these two guys. They are so down to earth and friendly, and so so funny. They didn’t make you feel like you were with TV personalities at all. It was like they had known you for years.
It was the last GCUK ghost hunt to be held at the house as a couple of days later it closed its ghostly doors for the last time. Rumour has it, its to be sympathetically converted into offices. Mediums were going to be visiting to sent the resident spirits on their way. Good luck with that. There were some pretty strong spirits in the house and personally ( other people agree ), I cannot see the spirit clearing working. In a way I hope it doesn’t. I would like to think it will still be an extremely haunted location. Thats my personal thoughts though.