Feeling ill at the weekend (Vlog #237)

Weekend plans are put on hold due to illness.

Shot on Canon Powershot G7X
Edited on Adobe Premier Pro CS5.5

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Weekly roundup A trip to the Robot Exhibition (Vlog #236)

Apologies for the long vlog.

Filmed on Canon Powershot G7X

Thank you so much for taking the time to pop across to my channel. Its very much appreciated.
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Chicken and bacon risotto

We has a lovely meal tonight. If anyone is interested in giving it a go, let me know how you get on, and if you make any changes.

Chicken and Bacon Risotto recipe. (Edit Post)
Posted on 12/28/2014 by stevew_68
I have been asked for this recipe of other MFP users. Its a really simple meal but very tasty.
( Serves 4. Approx 850 calories on my meal per person, but will differ if you change the amounts )
4 x chicken breasts
5 x Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon rashers
1 x Large white onion
150g closed cup mushrooms
2 x Oxo vegetable stock cubes ( makes min 700 ml stock. Adjust if required. We near enough doubled it to stop the risotto drying out during cooking )
300g Arborio Rice
2 cups ( 150g ) frozen garden peas
A small drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons of garlic. ( we used lazy garlic )
1 large french bread stick ( divided by 4 people )

Its really easy to make. Cook the onions, add the chicken breasts and drizzle the extra virgin olive oil. Remove the rind from the bacon the dice the bacon and add to pan, Dice or slice the mushrooms and add, Add the Arborio rice, then add the stock, garlic and peas. Cook on a medium heat. Once it starts to bubble, reduce the heat to simmer.
Slice the bread and serve with the meal.

My Fitbit One friendship is rekindled

As the New year looms, and a lot of us are thinking about how much food and drink we have consumed over the festive period, and are considering our New Years resolutions. A lot of people decide to diet and become healthier. To a lot us, it is these resolutions that, sadly, we also break after only a short time. Others have other more personal reasons to lose weight and get healthier. I am one of the people in this second group.

My own personal journey started back in 2012, in a failed attempt to better myself. It was smack bang in the middle of what turned out to be a really bad 2 years in my life and couldn’t of come at a worse time to make a decision like losing weight and getting fitter. It was in this period that I bought my first ever fitbit. I went out and bought a Fitbit One. A small electronic device that you clip onto your waistband or bra. Its surprising how much you become sort of attached to an inanimate object like the fitbit and enjoy having it watch and log your every move 24 hours a day. It even watches over you while you sleep like some sort of electronic stalker. Like I mentioned, this was back in 2012 and because of other issues, my Fitbit got suspended from its duties through no fault of its own for an indefinite period. Shut away in my drawer, only seeing the light of day when I went to get socks or underwear, only to be ignored and locked away again, day after day.

fitbit one .1

Moving forward in time to the present. Things are much better. My head is a lot clearer, and after a rather nasty flare up of a chronic back problem that I have, I decided, that I have had enough. I am sick of being a slave to my back injury and because or it, being unable to do any keep fit. Not even swimming was recommended by my doctor. As is typical in the vicious circle of life, this not being able to get fit meant I was putting loads of weight on and at one point I was heavier than I have ever been. Not by much but still the heaviest. That extra weight, and having a sedentary lifestyle only led to me starting to think negatively about my weight. Not being able to do any activities with my daughter, being worried about every single thing I do, ( even down to brushing my teeth ) in case it flared my back up again, being mindful that there is a strong family history of diabetes, and to top it all off, also feeling like some sort of overweight lump and having to buy XL clothes.

One day early this month, I woke up and thought to myself, I have my fitbit lying patiently to be allowed out of the drawer and be reunited with me and also I have a Myfitnesspal account doing nothing. I am going to start getting my life back. I think I have spoke about it that much that Marc ( www.marccorn.co.uk ) has gone and got himself a Fitbit Flex and is doing the same sort of thing as me now. I wish him the best of luck.

My little Fitbit was brought out and charged up, and straight away I got the ‘Hi Steve’ message on the screen. My Fitbit holds no grudges thankfully. It even gives messages of support every now and then.
I logged back into my Fitbit account and myfitnesspal and input all the current details like weight etc and set about planning the new me. I spoke to Dee about it and she too was onboard with the idea so I charged her fitbit up and updated her accounts as well. I makes a lot of sense to do this together. We can both encourage each other and give support and advice. ( and I’m sure my Fitbit is happy its got a work mate to help keep us motivated and to log Dee’s data as well as mine.

One thing I have bought, which I’ve considered for a while and now have bought are the Fitbit Aria scales. The measure your weight ( obviously ) as well as BMI and body fat percentage. I managed to get a good deal on these at the local supermarket.

Aria scales white

I will do reviews of the Fitbit One, Fitbit Aria Scales, and possibly myfitnesspal on separate posts.

So far, in about 3 weeks I have managed to lose a couple of ounces short of a stone in weight. I am chuffed. I am more focused and in the zone about this getting healthier, than I have ever been. Its normally myself that buckles first in our house, if we do diets. Not this time.

You will see updates on my twitter ( @wrighttimesblog ) and on The Wright Times Facebook page and on Google+ about how I’m doing.
The more I read about this and learn from other myfitnesspal users, the more clearer it gets. For some reason, I don’t see this diet as something bad, or a chore. I am actually enjoying it. I have never really enjoyed a diet before.

If anyone has any questions about any of this just ask. I am not a health guru or a dietician so don’t ask what foods to eat. I can only tell you about what I’m eating and doing.

Take care everyone and have a fantastic New Year.

Todays Nutribullet recipe. Weight update.

The last couple of weeks I have not been on my diet as planned for whatever reasons, and last week I didn’t do any Nutribullet drinks at all due to lack of ingredients. I now have stuff in so fingers crossed I can get in the right frame of mind and start blasting ( as Nutribullet users call making drinks ).

I weight myself this morning and I’m still around the same weight. Maybes put on a couple of pounds due to the rubbish I ate last week. I am currently 17st 3lb. I must start losing weight. Have to stay positive.

Todays drink is as follows:

From now on, the scoop I will use is one of those cone shaped scoops for using with ground coffee. The seem like a good size for this purpose.

1 x Kiwi fruit
2 x small plums
50% baby spinach
1 x Handful of blueberries
1 x cored red apple
4 bits of walnut
1 x scoop of flaxseed
2 x scoop of Goji berries
1 x scoop of pumpkin seed



Result: Nice and creamy texture but not brilliant on tast. I is still drinkable but only a mild fruity taste. Its not as sweet as I expected. With this one, its worth blasting it as normal, then pulsing a few times.

I’ve made a decision. I’m sick of being fat.

I have come to a decision. To be honest, it doesn’t fill me with joy, but at the same time I feel some enthusiasm about it.
I have to reassess my diet and lifestyle. I have prolapsed disks in my back so exercise is very limited, at least till I get rid of some excess weight. Even swimming can leave me in excruciating pain.

I’ve had my Nutribullet for a few months now, and as normal with gadgets, it was used a few times then its ended up in the cupboard. Last night when watching one of the shopping channels do a show about it, I made the decision to get it back out of the cupboard and try again. I am so sick of being fat and having to shop for large clothes ( L and XL ). I would so love to get back to when I once did Slimming World and lost 3 stone to get to 14 stone in weight. I was able to shop at some of the more trendy shops for clothes as I got down to a medium for the first time since I was a teenager. I remember what an amazing feeling it was but that didn’t last long as my weight soon increased when I started eating the same old stuff again. I’m a 45 year old male, 6’1 and 17.5 stone ( 111.1301 kg ) and its doing my general health, plus my back, no good at all. Theses a family history of diabetes, so I don’t want to end up getting that.
So the be all and end all of stuff is that I have to get my finger out and make a determined effort. I’m not getting any younger and as we get older, its not as easy to shed the pounds. I need to have breakfast in some form and cut down on portion sizes and definately cut down, or completely cut out bread. Bread is a major hurdle for me, along with late night pasties while I’m watching tv.
I might even start a weekly post about my progress, but I feel people would get bored with that. Let me know what you think.

Diets, weight and pain

Today I went to see my physio. I did a bit of fast walking on the treadmill the some stretches, then some exercises on the gym ball. The gym ball is one of those huge inflatable balls that you can use for all sorts of keep fit stuff. I did a few exercises that I have not done before. Since getting back home, I can definitely feel it in my lower back and midriff. No pain, no gain, some people say. I would rather have the gain without the pain thank you very much. Its all for a good cause though. I have to build up the core muscles again, to help my back and posture. Having years of back problems have not done my body any favours. I know I don’t stand correctly. When my back ‘goes’, I am doubled over like an old man, and often need the help of a walking stick to be able to stand up. I used to be so fit when I was younger. I used to play football all the time and do lots of running and fun runs. These days I cannot run full stop. I would love to be able to run again, but because of my prolapsed disk, theres to much risk involved. Well, there is at the moment. One day I would love to get back into shape and do running again. Some people say, ‘why don’t you try swimming?’ Apart from trying to fit swimming in around work and home life, especially when you have to try and find a time slot when the kids aren’t running riot in the pool, which makes it difficult to do lengths. Also its the cost. These days, I find swimming, on a regular basis, expensive. Money I can do without spending and can be used for other things. This is a shame, because I do enjoy swimming, and maybes having a sauna afterwards as well. It’s something I may consider for the future though.


Losing weight is another thing I need to do. Being about 4 stone overweight is not helping my back at all. Thats like having 28 bags of sugar strapped to your body permanently . Because I’m broad / stocky ( ish ), loads of people don’t believe I am that much overweight. I have just learned overtime to hold my belly in a lot. I have tried Slimming World in the past and lost 3 stone, but my body looked like skin and bone when I lay down. That wasn’t even my ideal weight. The problem I find with diets such as Slimming World, is that I get the munchies for chocolate to the point where I am going nuts with the cravings for the stuff. Don’t get me wrong, D is doing great on Slimming World, and it can be a really successful diet if done correctly, but I struggle after a while to keep focused in it. I read a great book once by the hypnotist Paul McKenna called ‘So You Want To Be Thin’. Before going into the ways he thinks you should eat and train your mind, he gives some of his opinions on diets, and the way people eat. It’s very interesting. If you have not read this book, give it a read. It will make you think a bit differently. I should dig the book back out and go through it again to try and refocus my mind on losing weight. I’m not after a ripped six pack and pecks etc like some airbrushed pop star. I just would love to be a healthy weight, which in turn should reduce my back issues so I don’t have constant pain anymore.
I would love to hear peoples opinions on what I have just said, any tips or experiences you may have. You never know, one of you may say something that flicks the switch in my brain and motivates me.