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A nervous day

Its been a long while since I last did a proper blog post. Like so many bloggers and writers out there, I just sort of dried up and could not think of what to put down in writing. I found it a bit easier to vlog ( video blog ) but even then I have had times where I cannot think of something to vlog about. Its pretty much the way my mind works these day and has been for a good few years now.

Today, saw the first telephone contact with the new therapists. The reason for this is that recently there has been an increase in mood swings, anxiety attacks and panic attacks, hyper vigilance PLUS a new development compared to previous times, which at this time, I cannot divulge, but is a concerning development for me. It is due to this new development I decided to self refer myself and to act proactively and nip this in the bud before things got too bad, unlike the last time in 2013 where I ended up in a really ‘dark’ place mentally speaking.

Last week should of been my first phone call with the therapist but thanks to the gas engineers being at our house fitting new smart meters, the call had to be abandoned and rearranged for this week. Like so many people will have done before something like this, I had built this up in my head, so that the closer it got to the call, the more uptight I was getting.

Bang on time at 10am the phone rang and it was a young girl from the therapists who was a trainee counsellor. All she need to do this week was get details to pass to her supervisorabout what has been happening and what prompted me to self refer to them. She seemed really nice and caring, as you would expect, which really helped put me at ease. I answered all the questions she asked and additionally volunteered more information. I will not bore you with the questions she asked but anyone who has been though this process will know exactly what the standard questions of the GAD7 and PQ9 plus a couple of other forms are, including if I had suicidal or self harming thoughts, which thankfully I haven’t. Even though the girl was really nice, afterwards I was still left feeling drained and really down. Since it’s about 4 years since my last therapy session, I forgot how the after effects feel. Pretty crappy to be honest. If it wasn’t for the fact I was run of my feet busy for the rest of the day, I would of locked myself away for the rest of the day and not resurfaced until the evening, just to get some alone time and to process everything.

The girl ended the call after arranging another call tomorrow at 18.00 to speak to me about which direction they can take the sessions, and what sort of help they can provide moving forward. Hopefully there is something they can do for me.

Wish me luck.

Teenager misery. Please help.

How many of you parent out there are parent of teenagers? How many of you teenager parents have the daily chore of trying to bite your tongue when the said teenager, will not listen to what you have to say, and would rather start shouting at you and slamming doors and muttering under their breath? I bet theres a few of you not saying ‘yep, thats me.’
Well Dee and myself are in that predicament. I don’t know what it is that changes nice lovable children into something that makes Kevin from Harry Enfields ‘Kevin and Perry’ look angelic. I sometimes wonder if theres been some sort of Government experiment with airborne pathogens, which targets only older children about to turn into their teen years and makes them into some hideous, monsterous, bundle of negativity and anger. Anyone who has seen the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ will know what I am talking about.

I know, I know, before anyone says it, times have changed but give me a break, if I had spoken to my parents the way some kids, including mine, talk to their parents these days, I would not be around today to tell the tale.


I know I am going to get shot down in flames for this but I really do sometimes think that, some kids these days need a good hiding, like we would of got when we were younger. Before anyone jumps on the megaphone and yells at me, I DO NOT mean going over the top and beating the living daylights out of them. In my opinion, there is too much nanny state rubbish these days that say stupid things like ‘ you cannot smack your child’, or ‘ you cannot slap your child across the back of the legs, or children must be allowed to air or express their anger or frustration or punishing or chastising them will stunt their development. Sorry but to me this is a complete load of bollox. Nearly as bad as certain people screaming ‘human rights’ ever time someone says or does something they don’t like.

I know times have changed but harking back to when I was a kid / teenager, if I did something wrong, I would be terrified of what punishment lay round the corner once my parents found out, especially my mother, who was the boss of the house. I remember getting the slipper across my backside many a time, until the day it didn’t hurt any more and I just laughed. BIG MISTAKE!!. The next time, it was a belt. Not the buckle, but folded in two so I got the leather. Boy did that sting. I wasn’t laughing so much then. In them days, if my parents asked me to do something, I bloody well did it. There was once I got into trouble with the police for smashing someones window while throwing putty from a building site. Oh how the brown stuff hit the fan that time. I was terrified about what would happen once I got home. Also in them days, we were frightened of the police. You may think I’m talking about the 50’s or 60’s, but I’m not. I’m talking just the 1980’s. Still to this day I show the police respect, not like the toerags that walk about in gangs and try to frighten everyone that dares look at them.

Anyway, I digress. The point I am trying to get to and miserably failing at is, that some teenagers of today, at times, do not seem to be respectful of older people, even their parents. With their eye rolling and head wobble, and gangster walks. Ask them to do a small task like wash some dishes or tidy their stuff away, and you would think they had been asked to decipher and explain the Voynich manuscript.

Where our daughter is concerned, we have tried confiscating her phone and tablet and stopping her watching TV, but after a while she gets used to that so it doesn’t become so much of a punishment anymore.

How do you as parents, deal with disrespect, temper tantrums, slamming of doors, screaming, and all the other niceties that teenagers come out with.

We need advice as we are stuck for options as nothing seems to work these days.

Why you should rotate your greens

If you enjoy eating healthily and / or like smoothies,  this post is full of useful information about your greens


Snore Wizard review

For many years now, I have had more restless nights or nights sleeping on the sofa than good night’s sleep due to a partner who has a really bad snoring problem. To some this may sound quite funny,  but to those who have to live in this situation, you will know it is no laughing matter. We have tried strips, sprays, even swimming nose clips.
One night I was watching the Ideal World shopping channel and saw a section on a little thing called a snore Wizard. I thought that looks brilliant,  if it works. You know what some things are like that are advertised on TV. They big them up so much to make you think you can’t live without it. Well on this occasion, I held back for a few months mainly due to the 39.99 ukp price on it. After a few months,  things were getting bad in the snoring department so I bit the bullet and ordered one.
When it came it was in a blue plastic carry box so it’s handy for travelling. It was straight forward to use. It’s basically like a grey gum shield that brings your jaw forward so that it keeps your airway open while sleeping with an air hole at the front. Straight away if made a massive difference. I was getting a lovely nights sleep as my other half snore was reduced, not completely eradicated, but reduced to a soft quiet snore. Enough to be able to ignore. It was like this for about a month, maybes a fraction over, then the snoring started again. I have seen some people mention that devices such as these can over time go out of shape and need to be heated in boiling water to put back into shape.  We tried that and it made no difference at all. We tried emailing snore Wizard but have never had any replies back from them.  I have even tried ringing them but it just rang and rang and rang and then cut off after a while. I’ve been left feeling very,  very disillusioned and disappointed by the lack of customer support from Snore Wizard. If they are going to sell these and make such a big deal about their product on national tv,  then they should help their customers with after sales support as well,  not just ignore any attempt to contact them. It comes across as if they want you money and after that,  tough.
My opinion on this is that it may or may not work for you. They claim to that if you are not satisfied with the performance after 30 days regular use please contact us. That’s no use if, like I say, all attempts to contact them are ignored. You may want to take the chance and buy one. If so,  I hope it works for you,  and longer than a month.
I will send them another email with a link to this review.  Let’s see if they can justify the lack of support.

I’m a slave driver


Making Gee earn her keep

Is this a Banksy or not

I saw this in a busy street in York UK. One of my friends said it could possibly be a Banksy but as I’ve read, there are so many copy cats that I’m not sure. Can you tell?


Whats your thoughts. Your childs internet usage at home.

I’m curious about everone elses views on this subject. Its the dreaded subject of your kids and their mobile phones and ipads or tablets and computers.




In our household, we have a rule where on a school night, G has to be off her phone and iPad by 8pm which gives her an hour to unwind etc before bed time. One thing I have noticed is that she conveniently forgets, even if I remind her at 7.30. Theres always huffing and puffing and moaning when after 8pm we tell her to shut them down and bring them downstairs. We like them down stairs so that she isn’t tempted to keep checking her Facebook when she is meant to be going to bed or even after that when she is meant to be asleep. I always feel like there is gonna be an argument when I ask her to log off. I have even threatened to take the time she is over off the next night. For example, if she is 20 mins over, she will need to be off at 7.40 the next night. That just ended up in a lot of ‘no Dad, thats not fair’ type of arguments. Im the strict one in the house, sometimes admittedly maybes a bit too strict, but she seems to think the world will stop turning if she doesn’t check her status every 2 minutes, and I want to know that she is getting sleep for school the next day and not sitting on the internet. Also, even when she does decide to brng the phone and iPad downstairs ( begrudgingly ), she take 5 minutes checking for one last time if someone has posted a selfie or a status and also she feels she has to put something on there about her logging off now. AND

DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THIS THING WHERE THE SCHOOL SAY THEY CAN USE THE INTERNET FOR HOMEWORK!!!! The school might as well give them the answers in my opinion. You cannot tell me the temptation┬áneed for a child to go on Facebook etc or Skype or any social site is not there when they are meant to be doing homework.

What is everyones thoughts on:

1/ using the internet for homework,

2/ What time you allow your child to stay on the internet at night,

3/ how do impose the rules for when they can and cannot go on the internet?

Please share this around, as I would love to hear as many thoughts and opinions on this as I feel sometimes I am banging my head against a brick wall.

Podcasting!! Not as easy as it seems.

I really want to try something new. Podcasting. After listening to LoveAllDads and hearing their podcasts, I have thought to myself, I can do that. I’ve done personal YouTube vlogs before. I’ve even interviewed people on YouTube, so why can I not do this, I thought to myself. One thing I have found is its a lot harder to set up podcasting to connect to iTunes (still not sorted it) than it is to record a video and post it on YouTube. Darren from Love All Dads has been helping me via email. The poor lad must be sick of my very existence by now but I do appreciate his help. Fill this in, download this plug in, activate this, register that. Not good when I’m running on a lack of sleep and my brain isn’t running at it’s normal speed.


The other problem I’m finding is having something to talk about. It’s not too bad for the likes of Love All Dads, as once they have a subject in mind, they can just chat amongst themselves like guys chatting down the pub, as long as they have an idea of the subject. They can all put in their opinion on the given subject. When you’re doing it by yourself its a lot, lot harder. I suppose this is where preparation comes into it and making bullet points etc. My friend Livi from Mrs Teepot gave me an idea to check the latest news and speak about that. It’s definitely an option to consider. Thanks Livi. Any other ideas from anyone would be gratefully received. Either how to find subjects, or to even suggest a subject. Once I get everythng up and running, I would love to do a podcast chat with another blogger. Would be interesting.

A nice weekend

What a lovely weekend I have had. In fact I think we all have had a nice weekend. I know D, like me, is on some sort of weird high. Don’t panic we are not having some sort of flower power hippy, tree hugging party or anything as exciting as that. The reason is simple. I have mentioned a few times recently that we are trying to sort out our finances. Well, we have started today, in earnest. We have sat each night for the last couple of nights, putting all our incomings and outgoings onto Apple Numbers spreadsheets, and even going so far in advance up to end of May 2013. We have budgeted money for everything. If the sheets are 1p out compared to the bank, we are looking for it. Which we had to do the other night, and what a cow that was to find. Got it sorted in the end though thankfully. Anyway, we budgeted money for our weekly shop. We decided on a weekly shop rather than daily shopping, as we are both terrible at impulse buying. Anyway we set our budget and we actually managed to keep well within it, and walked out with a trolley full of stuff to last the week. Its made D and I very pleased to know that if we keep to the plan, we are going to be a lot better off financially. We just have to be strict thats all.

Today is the day I go to the doctors for my appointment that I should of had on Friday, but I cocked up. I will be mentioning about the receptionist that refused to help me. I just hope the doctor is able to help. Its not normal that I feel emotional for no reason at random times, and keep have bouts of the shakes and I keep getting chest pains. One moment Im fine then for no reason, I start feeling down, or I get the chest pains and shakes. If something annoys me, for example, the doctors receptionist on Friday, the chest pains start straight away, and I start getting the shakes and sometimes feel a bit like woozy. On Saturday I had to leave a shop I was in with Denise because I started to feel unwell. I had to find a seat to sit down in before I fell over. As I mentioned in my last post, my manager has already told me that this is a very stressful time to be coming back to work. Even typing this I can feel chest pains coming on. I’m not sleeping well either. I am tossing and turning for what feels all night. Another thing Ive noticed is that Im becoming forgetful at time. I could walk into a room, and the my brain goes blaaaaahhhhhhhh, and I stand there like an idiot staring. I know Im meant to be doing something, but its like my brain has no idea. This is happening too often for my liking.

This is the second time I have typed this post. Last night it was twice the length, but WordPress decided to have one of its moments and as I was uploading it, it crashed and I lost everything apart from the first 200 words. Needless to say, this pee’d me off a bit. Thats about 800 words I lost last night. So from me ‘Thank you very much WordPress, you obviously intend for me to start pressing the save draft button after every sentence from now on.’

Taken to hospital

Today has started a bit different to normal, and not in a good way. I woke up at 4am clutching my chest. The pain was awful. On a scale of 1 to 10 it was up there at about an 8. It was unlike any chest pain I had had in the past. This time I had the chest pain the was fro. I the centre of the chest and radiated out over both sides of the chest. At the same time I had a really bad pain in and behind left shoulder blade and was panting for air. I tried to calm myself down and eventually fell back asleep. The next morning ( today ) I woke up and didn’t feel myself. I had a numb feeling that intermittently went in waves, like a mild feeling. Also I still felt a little out of breath and still breathing heavier than I normally would. I got up, and straight away, cranked up the Mac and rang Marc, who is a very good friend of mine and fellow blogger ( www.marccorn.co.uk ). I told him what had happened last night and told him that I was a bit concerned about what happened and how I was still feeling and was not sure what to do. Should I ring NHS Direct or shouldn’t I. Marc told me that his Dad had had a couple of heart attacks in the past, and that he thinks I should ring NHS Direct and see what they say. Marc was a great help and his advice was very much appreciated. So after I spoke to him, I had a quick shower then rang NHS Direct. I answered all the questions the best I could that the man on the phone asked me, he then put me on hold then came back and said that an ambulance will be at my house within a couple of minutes. Once the ambulance car turned up, the medic ran ECG tests which came back fine, but also decided to take me to hospital for extra tests. In hospital, I had blood tests done and chest X-rays, more ECG’s, and blood pressure tests. After what seemed an age, My lovely D found me. She had managed to get away from her work. It was lovely to see her. I was so grateful that she came to make sure I was ok. After sitting for ages more, the doctor came back and told me the test results show that I had had no heart attack. In a way I was surprised that it wasn’t even a minor attack, because it certainly felt like it, but at the same time, relieved nothing was found.
Denise drove me home, where I rang my Dad to give him the good news. He was obviously pleased and told me to look after myself, this was nice considering he doesn’t normally say that sort of thing, but it shows how much closer we are becoming since my Mam passed away and the amount of time we spend together now, but also considering he is very ill himself with cancer. Then G came home from school and came straight up to me and gave me a big hug and asked how I was. To keep G happy I let her have the pleasure of ripping off the sticky pads that the ECG machine gets attached to. She laughed out loud whenever she ripped one off, especially the one on my chest closest to my nipple. That one stung like a b***h.
Tonight I had a great hangout with Marc and Carl ( www.lifeofcarl.co.uk ). It was nice chatting and having a laugh with them both after the day I’ve had.
I’m off to bed now, so hopefully I will have a better nights sleep, but I’m sure it will be in the back of my mind, being worried that I could be woken up by severe chest pains. I do hope not.