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Trip to Edinburgh Day 1 (Vlog #234)

Day one of our trip to Edinburgh.

“Klockworx” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Pics taken out and about this week in Newcastle.

Armed with my trusty GoPro camera this week, I snapped a few pics while out and about in Newcastle this week. Please ignore the fisheye effect. Its what a GoPro camera does.

Greys MonumentGreys Monument in the centre of Newcastle

Newcastle Odeon 2This is the old, now empty, Odeon Cinema. If theres any Robson and Jerome fans out there, this is where they filmed  some of the ‘Saturday Night At The Movies’ video.  It can be seen here http://youtu.be/S_Qon-Udlhw

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 02.13.26


Northumberland Street junction 1This is Northumberland Street. One of the main shopping streets in Newcastle, which includes shops like Fenwicks, Marks and Spencer, HMV, McDonalds ( one of many in the city ) and Argos.

Blackett StreetAnother view of Greys Monument, this time on Blackett Street looking towards Eldon Square Shopping Centre ( Where the mirrored windows are ).

Leazers Park 2 Leazers Park 1 Leazers Park 3These 3 shots are of Leazers Park. It is the city’s oldest park, opened in 1873 and is situated just behind Newcastle United’s St.James Park Football Ground.

G in Leazers ParkAnd finally our daughter G, who was in the middle of telling me not to take a photo of her. Spoil sport she is.


Visit to Durham

This weekend, we had a visit to the lovely city of Durham. It was arranged as a surprise by my better half. We stayed at a lovely hotel, which I will try and do a review for on another post. On Saturday we went to Durham Cathedral. This building is beautiful. I managed to persuade D to climb the 325 steps to the top of the main tower. It reaches a height of 218ft ( 66.45m ) which as you can imagine, gives you a great view of the surrounding area. It was, erm, slightly breezy up there.
I have posted a video below of our weekend. I hope you find the time to watch it, and share it if you like it. Please do leave a comment, either on YouTube or on my blog. The video is about 20 minutes long, so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

Freezing cold

Today is the day when I have to hand out a load of money. The day my car goes in for its MOT. An MOT is a yearly safety check, with a legal requirement on all vehicles in the U.K. You need this to be able to obtain your road tax disk. The car seems to be working fine. Tyres have loads of tread, lights work, wipers and screen wash work, brakes work fine, so unless there’s something found underneath that I’m not expecting, hopefully it will pass with flying colours like last year.
I dropped the car off and headed for the train station as I thought walking right down the road for the bus, would be too cold and the station was just round the corner. I will add, it is snowing today and the temperature is zero degrees. I got to the station only to find that the trains were delayed and mine was going to arrive in 20 minutes. By the time it did arrive, and I had spent the 20 minutes chatting to a very talkative old man, my feet and my hands were like blocks of ice.
After the train arrived, I had a whole 5 minutes to try to warm up. It didn’t work. As I got off at my destination, I was still freezing, so I decided to head straight for Starbucks. I got my normal Venti Misto coffee and found a nice seat by the window, and watched the world go by while at the same time, typing up my blog. As I type this, there are two people sitting outside in the freezing cold and snow. One of them is drawing anything that takes his fancy into a small book. A woman stopped to have a cigarette and he drew her.


I’m surprised, as I’m in his line of sight, he hasn’t drawn me yet. I must not be interesting enough. I enjoy watching street artists. I saw one of his drawings and he is quite good. More like quick sketches, but still way better than I could do.

Leaving Starbucks, I walked around some of the shops in Newcastle, including the Grainger Market. The Grainger Market is the City’s largest traditional market, situated in an elegant, classically styled building in Grainger Street near Grey’s Monument. This under-cover market was the largest in Europe when first built in the 1830’s. It sells mainly meat and vegetables with a good variety of game available. There are many other stalls, each with its own particular character. Hidden within is the unique “Marks and Spencer Original Penny Bazaar”, the world’s smallest Marks and Spencer store.

048424:Grainger Market Newcastle upon Tyne City Engineers 1985

Photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/newcastlelibraries/4081062987/

I think most people had the same idea. Try to keep out of the snow and find shelter wherever you can. After speaking to garage, I made my way, by train again, back a couple of stops to where I needed to get off to collect my car. A short, cold, walk later, and I was there, to be told it had passed its MOT with flying colours. Not a thing wrong with it, on the points the MOT covers. It still requires a serve, as the car has not had one for a couple of years. Now, that’s bad, as its recommended you get one every 6 – 12 months. It involves filter changes, oil change, stuff like that.Hopefully I will get that done in the next few days. I may possibly have to get the oil pressure switch changed as my oil light comes on after about 15 minutes of driving, and the oil level is fine. It depends though, may just need the oil change. Hopefully that’s the case.

Once home, a made a steaming hot cup of tea and sat beside the window, where the radiator is, and watched the snow continue to fall. Theres a draft that comes from behind the kitchen units and I’m unable to get to the source so it means that every winter, there a cold blast that freezes your feet. I seems to come from behind the sink unit, round the corner, then underneath the washing machine. Sometimes it gets so bad, that even next to the radiator, it’s still not really hot. Thankfully it’s not always that bad. I do have one thing to warm me up. One of cats, Costa, has jumped up for stokes. He is keeping my lap nice and warm.

costa on lap