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Problems updating NextScript

What a job I have had trying to update my NextScript Autoposter ( or Social Networks Autoposter (SNAP) as its now known as ) so that my WordPress blog will auto post to my new Facebook page rather than my profile.


Even after following all the instructions step by step and double and sometimes triple checking them, it still would not auto post.
After trawling through their support pages for known problems and how to fix them, it looks like it was down to broken content filters.

Thankfully, even though I am not tech savvy when it comes to website stuff, I sorted it all on my own without the help of my tech dept ( you know who you are) as they were more than likely asleep. They’ve not been feeling to well lately so I will let them off on this occasion.

Hopefully, when I can come up with some ideas I will post something on this blog, as I enjoy and miss blogging, but just got writers block and moved to vlogging instead. (Steve W thewrighttimes on YouTube ).

Anyway, until next time, take care and bye for now

Whats your thoughts. Your childs internet usage at home.

I’m curious about everone elses views on this subject. Its the dreaded subject of your kids and their mobile phones and ipads or tablets and computers.




In our household, we have a rule where on a school night, G has to be off her phone and iPad by 8pm which gives her an hour to unwind etc before bed time. One thing I have noticed is that she conveniently forgets, even if I remind her at 7.30. Theres always huffing and puffing and moaning when after 8pm we tell her to shut them down and bring them downstairs. We like them down stairs so that she isn’t tempted to keep checking her Facebook when she is meant to be going to bed or even after that when she is meant to be asleep. I always feel like there is gonna be an argument when I ask her to log off. I have even threatened to take the time she is over off the next night. For example, if she is 20 mins over, she will need to be off at 7.40 the next night. That just ended up in a lot of ‘no Dad, thats not fair’ type of arguments. Im the strict one in the house, sometimes admittedly maybes a bit too strict, but she seems to think the world will stop turning if she doesn’t check her status every 2 minutes, and I want to know that she is getting sleep for school the next day and not sitting on the internet. Also, even when she does decide to brng the phone and iPad downstairs ( begrudgingly ), she take 5 minutes checking for one last time if someone has posted a selfie or a status and also she feels she has to put something on there about her logging off now. AND

DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THIS THING WHERE THE SCHOOL SAY THEY CAN USE THE INTERNET FOR HOMEWORK!!!! The school might as well give them the answers in my opinion. You cannot tell me the temptation┬áneed for a child to go on Facebook etc or Skype or any social site is not there when they are meant to be doing homework.

What is everyones thoughts on:

1/ using the internet for homework,

2/ What time you allow your child to stay on the internet at night,

3/ how do impose the rules for when they can and cannot go on the internet?

Please share this around, as I would love to hear as many thoughts and opinions on this as I feel sometimes I am banging my head against a brick wall.

A Lovely time in York

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog post. I’m sorry for that but the last few weeks have, for want of a better way of saying it, been hell emotionally wise. I have been going through weekly therapy sessions to try an help combat my stress and anxiety. We are now after a few weeks, getting to a point where are setting out goals to aim towards. I’m sick of always having panic attacks at the slightest things and worrying about minor things. I’m normally a very laid back person but recently I fret about the most irrelevant things that I would normally deal with in a calm logical way. Anyone who has suffered from stress, anxiety and depression will know what I mean when I say this. I’m sure over time, I will get better. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

At the weekend, I went for a few well needed days away to the beautiful city of York with Denise. It was the second visit to meet up with friends who we met in person for the first time last year. This time, the group also included my good friend Marc ( marccorn.co.uk ). I speak to Marc nearly every day on the phone, FaceTime, Google+ or Skype but this was our first time meeting him in person. It was really nice to get to see him in the flesh. It’s strange meeting someone you talk to all the time anyway, as its like already knowing them so the initial ‘getting to know you’ stage is missed out. Carl from ( www.lifeofcarl.co.uk ) was also there. I met him last year. All three of us already know each other from social networking so was great to have us all together. We joke on about being like the three musketeers, but Carl tries to call us the three muskerears. He is so camp sometimes.

At The Olde Black Swan pub
At The Olde Black Swan pub

( Left to right ) Steve, Jo, Andy, Trev, Becky, Darren, Phil, D, me, Marc, Laura ( Hiding away ), Carl and Dominic.

The weekend went really well and was over far to fast. We went to the haunted house on Stonegate on the Friday, which was an experience and a half. Denise and myself have now been there 4 times now. For me, it was the worst visit I had had. I felt ill from the moment I was across the threshold to the time I went to sleep at night. At one point during the tour, I had to check my mouth as it was like it had filled up with blood. If, like me, you are the type of person that like ghosty stuff, its well worth a visit. ( http://www.hauntedhouseyork.co.uk )

Denise and Marc
Denise and Marc

Carl on Ouija
Carl on the Ouija board

Stairs to the attic
Stairs to the attic

And heres a photo of my two amigo’s Carl and Marc

At Henry J Bean's in York
At Henry J Bean’s in York

It was sad to have to come back home after such a nice weekend with such lovely people. Mind you, some nice caring person in the group gave some of us a loving momento to come home with. A horrible sore throat and runny nose. Thanks to whoever you are. I blame Marc personally but he blames Steve, another friend from our group.