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A nervous day

Its been a long while since I last did a proper blog post. Like so many bloggers and writers out there, I just sort of dried up and could not think of what to put down in writing. I found it a bit easier to vlog ( video blog ) but even then I have had times where I cannot think of something to vlog about. Its pretty much the way my mind works these day and has been for a good few years now.

Today, saw the first telephone contact with the new therapists. The reason for this is that recently there has been an increase in mood swings, anxiety attacks and panic attacks, hyper vigilance PLUS a new development compared to previous times, which at this time, I cannot divulge, but is a concerning development for me. It is due to this new development I decided to self refer myself and to act proactively and nip this in the bud before things got too bad, unlike the last time in 2013 where I ended up in a really ‘dark’ place mentally speaking.

Last week should of been my first phone call with the therapist but thanks to the gas engineers being at our house fitting new smart meters, the call had to be abandoned and rearranged for this week. Like so many people will have done before something like this, I had built this up in my head, so that the closer it got to the call, the more uptight I was getting.

Bang on time at 10am the phone rang and it was a young girl from the therapists who was a trainee counsellor. All she need to do this week was get details to pass to her supervisorabout what has been happening and what prompted me to self refer to them. She seemed really nice and caring, as you would expect, which really helped put me at ease. I answered all the questions she asked and additionally volunteered more information. I will not bore you with the questions she asked but anyone who has been though this process will know exactly what the standard questions of the GAD7 and PQ9 plus a couple of other forms are, including if I had suicidal or self harming thoughts, which thankfully I haven’t. Even though the girl was really nice, afterwards I was still left feeling drained and really down. Since it’s about 4 years since my last therapy session, I forgot how the after effects feel. Pretty crappy to be honest. If it wasn’t for the fact I was run of my feet busy for the rest of the day, I would of locked myself away for the rest of the day and not resurfaced until the evening, just to get some alone time and to process everything.

The girl ended the call after arranging another call tomorrow at 18.00 to speak to me about which direction they can take the sessions, and what sort of help they can provide moving forward. Hopefully there is something they can do for me.

Wish me luck.

Advice needed for my diet

If anyone can offer and moral support or help it would be great

Snore Wizard review

For many years now, I have had more restless nights or nights sleeping on the sofa than good night’s sleep due to a partner who has a really bad snoring problem. To some this may sound quite funny,  but to those who have to live in this situation, you will know it is no laughing matter. We have tried strips, sprays, even swimming nose clips.
One night I was watching the Ideal World shopping channel and saw a section on a little thing called a snore Wizard. I thought that looks brilliant,  if it works. You know what some things are like that are advertised on TV. They big them up so much to make you think you can’t live without it. Well on this occasion, I held back for a few months mainly due to the 39.99 ukp price on it. After a few months,  things were getting bad in the snoring department so I bit the bullet and ordered one.
When it came it was in a blue plastic carry box so it’s handy for travelling. It was straight forward to use. It’s basically like a grey gum shield that brings your jaw forward so that it keeps your airway open while sleeping with an air hole at the front. Straight away if made a massive difference. I was getting a lovely nights sleep as my other half snore was reduced, not completely eradicated, but reduced to a soft quiet snore. Enough to be able to ignore. It was like this for about a month, maybes a fraction over, then the snoring started again. I have seen some people mention that devices such as these can over time go out of shape and need to be heated in boiling water to put back into shape.  We tried that and it made no difference at all. We tried emailing snore Wizard but have never had any replies back from them.  I have even tried ringing them but it just rang and rang and rang and then cut off after a while. I’ve been left feeling very,  very disillusioned and disappointed by the lack of customer support from Snore Wizard. If they are going to sell these and make such a big deal about their product on national tv,  then they should help their customers with after sales support as well,  not just ignore any attempt to contact them. It comes across as if they want you money and after that,  tough.
My opinion on this is that it may or may not work for you. They claim to that if you are not satisfied with the performance after 30 days regular use please contact us. That’s no use if, like I say, all attempts to contact them are ignored. You may want to take the chance and buy one. If so,  I hope it works for you,  and longer than a month.
I will send them another email with a link to this review.  Let’s see if they can justify the lack of support.

A nice day

09 /02 / 2013

Saturday is here. One of the days I have been looking forward to. The reason being, simply, because D is off work ( although a bit hungover ). She doesn’t know it, and will more than likely tell me off for saying this on here rather than to her face, but just the fact of her being close by, is an enormous help and relief to me. She doesn’t have to do anything to help me, just being there is a big help in itself. I know that if I did need help, or even just someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, she will always be there. She even said to wake her, if I ever needed to talk, even if it silly o’clock in the morning. I could not do that to her, but its a nice gesture.
Today, we went to Ikea to get my Dad a new lamp for his living room. He has been complaining for the last month that the main lamp in his living room is rubbish as it has an energy saving bulb in it. I will get John to change that tomorrow hopefully as the ceilings are very hight and I don’t want my Dad trying to go up step ladders and having a fall. My Dad has for ages now used the main room light for everything. He has not had a smaller lamp for years. Hopefully he will like this one as it is bright and has a second flexible lamp on the side he can bend to point down when he is reading his papers. He needs a bright lamp as his eyesight is not what it was.
We also bought a couple of new things for the house. Nothing major. Just a new glass lid for our wok and a new loo brush. Ours fell to bits. Oh, I nearly forgot. We bought a lovely new bath mat to go beside the bath. The cats will love it as they always sleep on the mat due to the underfloor heating. Its very soft and fluffy when you stand on it. Much nicer than the old, one which was well past its best.
After tea, I had a nice soothing bath, as I have had pains in my back, shoulder, neck and down my right arm today. You cannot beat a nice hot bath when your not in a rush. Its lovely just to lie there and soak. Mind you, it’s a bit hard to relax when you have a cat that balances on the edge of the bath, nearly to the point of toppling in, just to drink your bath water. You just know, if he did fall in, there would be claws flying in a mad panic. Not a nice thought.

Tonight, I has a chat with my good friend Carl. It was nice to catch up with him. It seems a while since we last had a good chat. He was telling me he is very excited about his new blog and website. I don’t have details for the website yet, but the blog can be found at https://lifeofcarl.wordpress.com. Its a really good, personal blog, where he tells us about his day to day life and the ups and downs. Well worth a visit. Please subscribe or follow him if you can. Carl is a very nice guy. Some would say, salt of the earth. Carl does not have a bad bone in his body, and will do anything to help if he can. Please pop by and say hi to him. He is relatively new to blogging, like myself, so any support would be gratefully received.

Well I’m off to bed now as I need my beauty sleep. Its hard work being this good looking ( Not! )

Take care everyone

A bit of help

Today, while my Dad was at the local CIU social club for his normal Sunday couple of pints, D, G and myself, went to his house and did a little bit to help him out. We gave the kitchen a good clean up. Cleaning, polishing, mopping, new washing bowl and drainer. After we had finished it looked nice and clean.We have also brought some clothes washing home to clean and take back.
I couldn’t decide if my Dad looked pleased or not. He has never been a one for using a lot of words when a couple of words will do.  The problem we have, which everyone in our situation will have, is that, because my Dad’s wife ( my Mother ), passed away ( I hate using the word ‘died’ when its someone close ) only 3 weeks ago today, we don’t want to make him feel like we are just piling on in, rearranging stuff and trying to change the way he runs his life. All we are trying to do is help him out, in whatever little way we can.I cannot decide if it is the right thing to be doing at this time, or whether we should wait longer. I’m sure deep down, he appreciates the help. Like I have described him in my last post, he is ‘old school’ so never asks for help. I reckon this is a ‘pride’ thing. At the same time, he has to realise he is elderly himself, and cannot do everything he used to be able to do, such as climb ladders to change lightbulbs etc.

On a different subject, my Grandson, Jack, started crawling forwards today. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he did that. He has gone through a stage where he was crawling, but backwards. I’m really pleased. There’s going to be no stopping him now. You know what babies are like, once they start crawling, they are all over, and you have to have eyes in the back of your head to see where they are and what they are up to.