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Had to put this down in words


I just thought I would put this down in words while I’m on the laptop and its in my head as I know, like everything else, I’ll just put it on the back burner and forget about it.
It comes to something when you are dreading going back to work, even after just one day off. You prey for the days to go fast so that your next day off comes around quickly. Well thats how I feel at the moment. I feel up and down health wise. I still feel I’m not right with this bug or whatever knocking me for six every day and making me just want to sleep and sapping me of all enthusiasm to do the normal stuff in life. Theres also the stress, and depression stuff that coincides with that at the same time which seems to double the tiredness and downers.
I know Denise is having a hard and busy time at work so she’s pretty run down as well. I hate seeing her like that. It’s not the normal Denise I know and love. She also has worries about her Dad who’s in hospital after having a knee replacement.
Then on top of that there’s Georgia with her health problems ( I.B.S ) which is upsetting her and getting her anxious about going to school. As a parent, its horrible seeing your child so messed up and unhappy about stuff. I know we will eventually get her diet sorted out to figure out what she can and cannot eat and get her feeling a bit better, or a lot better hopefully, but for now its hard watching her get so upset about it.
I am so looking forward to when we all start feeling a lot better. I hope it’s sooner rather than later but for now, like everyone else has to do, we will try to keep smiling and soldier on.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Take care everyone

Lanzarote 2016 Day 1 (Vlog #338)

My 2nd and the girl’s first time to Lanzarote. We sooooo needed this break

A visit to the docs. Things are not right.

What a week and a half I have had. Last Sunday I woke up to find I had blister type things on my face. They were right across the right hand side of my face. I decided to keep and eye on it to make sure they didn’t get any worse, which sods law, they did. Right down my cheek from just below my eye down to my chin. This also meant they were in amongst my whiskers. They were sore. I rang the docs and managed to get an appointment pretty quickly for after work. I was expecting them to say they were bites or an allergic reaction to something.

When the doctor took one look at them she rushed out and down the corridor. I heard her urgently asking another doctor to quickly come and have a look as it looks like another the same as the other one earlier. The two doctors came in and the second doctor took one look at my face and confirmed that I had in fact developed Shingles. You could of knocked me down with a feather. I never even considered that option. I was all for it being bites. How wrong I was.

I got prescribed tablets to combat it and warned to try and avoid coming into contact with the elderly, people who are pregnant and people   who have a low immune system. I had to tell him my job involves going to elderly peoples homes. They seemed quite sure I would be ok with these customers as long as I didn’t get too close initially. I did as requested.

Since then it seems to of got better. They scabbed over and become very itchy and sore, but not weeping, which is good. As well as taking my tablets I have been using antiseptic cream on my face to try and sooth it. Today I was told I will no longer be infectious.

I have read that Shingles can be caused by being run down. Recently, for quiet a few weeks now, I have not felt my normal self. I have felt totally out of sorts. Virtually every night I have been finishing my dinner then going to bed absolutely shattered. I’m talking about 7.30 at night sometimes.

As well as always being tired, I have been losing weight without trying even after eating pizza, or pie and chips, and having ice cream every night. I also have been feeling really sick every morning. Sick to the point where I physically want to vomit at the very thought of having some toast. Yesterday morning I had a quarter of a slice of toast. I’ve also been peeing a lot even though I’m not drinking a great deal. I know there is a history of diabetes in my family but all tests I have had in the past have come back negative.

Like I say, things are not right and I want to know why.

Due to the way I’m feeling recently, I have been to the doctors and requested a full blood test. That was done today. I should hear back within 2 weeks, unless something serious is discovered, then they will get in touch straight away.

I am sick of feeling like this. I need to find out what is causing it. Its been going on way before the Shingles started. Lets hope, they find a reason why this is happening.

Feeling ill at the weekend (Vlog #237)

Weekend plans are put on hold due to illness.

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Bad day here we come

Thanks to the pain meds I am taking ( Maxitram SR ) my sleeping pattern is screwed. I am having all sorts of very vivid dreams which is resulting in me being very restless. This morning the cats, or one in perrrticular decided to make as much noise as possible and meow to feed him and let him out. Being restless anyway, I jumped out of bed in a right old foul mood and let him out of the window. That was it, I was awake now. Way way earlier than I wanted to be. A good 2 and a half hours before my alarm was set to go off. Hopefully a nice coffee with calm me down.
Its going to be a bad day today. Back at work after a week off and in a bad mood already. Joy oh joy.

Those long sleepless nights

I hate these nights. You know them. You have all had them. The nights when no matter how hard you try, everything in the universe seems to go against you and do it’s best to stop you from going to sleep, even though you are absolutely knackered and feel and look like something from T.V’s Walking Dead. You lie there in the dark and hear every single little sound. The house creaking, the cat snoring, your partner snoring ( these last two are happening to me right now ), a fly farting at the other end of the street. No matter how hard you try to ignore the sounds, they somehow seem to be amplified in the still of the night. You might as well have them blasting through a 1000 watt speaker system.
For me, the longer the night goes on, the more I get tired but still cannot sleep, the more my restless leg plays up and my leg then decides it wants to do a remake of the Riverdance in bed.
Then, the daylight starts to creep in around the edge of the curtains or blinds, and its at that time the dawn chorus starts outside our window. As much as I love nature and all its feathered and furry creatures, at half four in the morning, I could happily shoot the little buggers for the racket they are making.
Then between half four and five AM, one of our cats does his best to wake us up to let him out, or should I say he used to before we succumbed to installing a cat flap with a timer that unlocks at 5am. Now the little sod gets impatient and tries to wake us at 4.30 to let him out. He goes so far as to get on the shelf above out head and deliberately knocks stuff off onto our heads. Stuff like the phone, a wand I bought in York, the remote for our ceiling light, and one time I nearly had my crystal ball dropped on me. He even sometimes goes up to my accoustic bass guitar and plucks the strings to wake us. Now thats funny as sometimes it sounds like a good tune, but again at 4.30am its the last thing I want to hear.

So here I am, sitting downstairs on one of those nights, in our cold, and quiet dining room, typing this for something to do.
I hope I am not alone in this. Let me know what keeps you awake at night.

She’s home

Getting stuff done

A long tiring day

Random chat on a boring day