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Hi, My name is Steve, and welcome to The Wright Times. This blog goes alongside our YouTube channel ( http://www.youtube.com/user/wrighttimesblog ).
Its all about the things that happen in our lives, whether its things we’ve done, seen or heard, or just random stuff We come across in my day to day life.
We hope you enjoy them.
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A few little facts about me:

Fave films
The Commitments
Kevin and Perry
The Green Mile
The Breakfast Club ( Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe? )
The Rocky Series
The Inbetweeners ( who can forget the dance scene )
All Will Smith films

Fave Tv shows
Breaking Bad
Person Of Interest
Long Lost Family ( I always fill up at that )
Who Do You Think You Are?
Time Team
NCIS Los Angeles


The Walking Dead




Fave things
My Aria Pro 2 SB1000 1979 Bass guitar. Its the bass I dreamt of owning for years ( since the mid 80’s ). Same as John Taylor used to use in Duran Duran. Such a sweet sound but weighs a ton as its one solid lump of a Japanese wood called sen.
My Mac Book Pro. I hate Apple phones but love their computers.
Everything to do with my late family ( Brother, Mam and Dad and further back ). I love trying to trace my family tree. Finances have currently put a stop to it for the time being due to the costs of online subscriptions.
My cameras, especially my GoPro’s and my Canon Powershot G7X.
My bags, hats and watches. I’m terrible for buying them.
All my gadgets.
My Garden. I spend loads of time there when the weather is good.

My Pets
I have 3 cats. Molly, Costa and Franklin.

Facts about me
I can make one eye look up while the other stays still
My Uncle was the Road Manager for The Animals, Tina Turner and Jimmy Hendrix, amongst others and was briefly married to a Polish Princess.
I love making new friends.
I am co-author With Marc ( www.marccorn.co.uk ) of a series of short stories about a man called Ronnie Gitt which has been published into paperback format as well as ebook, which is on sale on the Waterstones website as well as other online stores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with more projects planned for the future.

Many thanks


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