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I am a normal ( in the loosest possible term) Dad from the North East of England. I have a few interests such as BTCC Touring Cars, Football, photography. My favourite hobby though is to just relax and chill out. I suffer from stress, depression and anxiety and possible PTSD. I am coming to terms with it these days where its not something I need to hide from people or be ashamed of. I also suffer from chronic back problems and live each day in pain in varying degrees. I am the sort of person that wants good for other people and always tries to help if I can. I can be really soft natured and sensitive, which sometimes surprises people when they meet me.

My love for photography rekindled

A few years ago I was suffering quite badly with depression and as a result a lot of my hobbies I ended up having no interest in. photography was one of those hobbies. I had enjoyed photography for quite a few years until I suffered from the depression and it had left a little bit of a hole in my life when I did not have the interest. Recently I have just upgraded to a new mobile phone. It is the Huawei P20 Pro. Now if you check out the reviews of this phone you will see that it has 3 cameras and takes exceptionally good photographs. Since using this phone I have found my interest in photography again and I am photographing everything that I can find. I downloaded an app called EyeEm which

lets you post photographs taken on your mobile phone as long as they fall within the guidelines and sell them for advertising on search premium websites such as Getty. I am loving it at the moment. anybody who enjoys taking photographs on their mobile phone for any subject please check out the link to my profile down below where you will be able to join them I find a lot of the photographer’s on there have some brilliant ideas and can be quite inspirational.
My EyeEm
So check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section

How time’s have changed

Todays weather is bad. Snow has been falling on and off for the last couple of days. 2 nights ago we had about 5 – 6 inches just overnight. Infrastructure, as normal in the UK is grinding to a halt.

Trains are either cancelled or running a reduced service. Many schools are closed. Trucks are jack-knifing on roads, including main routes through the UK. People are panic buying food etc, which leads me onto the reason for this post.

While listening to the local radio this morning, I heard an interview with a woman who made a very good point which I have never thought about before. She mentioned the reason people panic buy these days is that, in recent years, the consumers would buy for this time only. Maybes a daily or weekly shop. Compare this to back in the 70’s or 60’s when families used to keep food in the larder or pantry for times when there were shortages for whatever reason, be it weather or strike action etc. They were prepared.

I remember my family’s larder being full of tins. Everything from baked beans and spaghetti in tomato sauce, to tins of fruit or honey and packets of rice or spaghetti and everything in between. Anyone would this my family were stock piling for an armageddon or something. My mother also always had 1 or 2 loafs of bread in the freezer as well just in case.

These days normally, we are lucky if we have enough food in the cupboards and freezer to last a few days. Personally, I put part of this down to newer houses being smaller and more compact and not having as much storage space. The houses are poorly built these days. Breeze block with brick skins, where the only pantry / larder is a large, chipboard, tall floor standing kitchen cupboard. no solid stone, cool larders, unlike the solid brick house’s of years gone by.

Maybe’s places more likely to get bad weather, should consider getting a larder built into their kitchen or old coal house for times like we have at the moment and have them stocked with non perishable and long life goods.

What is you’re opinion? Leave a comment below.

Kindness Rocks

Today while I was at work I saw something on a nearby wall. It stood out as the wall was covered in lovely green moss. What I found was a stone or rock which had a message on it. I decided to check it out and had a closer inspection. To my surprise the message was ‘don’t worry, be happy, with a drawing of a head on it which had a happy face. It looked like a child had drawn this. I have to admit, a big smile immediately came across my face. What a lovely thing to find.
When I told my friend about it, she said she was jealous as she had always wanted to find a kindness rock. Up till that point I had never heard of them before.

The Kindness Rock Project started in America, I think, I may be wrong, and has spread to many countries since.

Borrowed from ( which was difficult as the website is very slow)

GOAL#1: inspire others
GOAL #2: recruit every person who stumbles upon it to join the pursuit of inspiring others through small acts of kindness!

The Kindness Rocks Project, a grassroots kindness movement based on the simple idea that “one message at just the right time can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life” Our project promotes random acts of kindness in communities including, but not limited to, painting inspirational kindness rocks for others.

The Kindness Rocks Project was created as a simple reminder that we are all connected as human beings and we share more similarities than differences at our core. Exhibiting kindness and support for one another through random acts of kindness can have a great impact. With increased awareness, Kindness can become a connecting force for good re-connecting individuals and communities at large.

They have a Facebook page at Kindness Rocks Facebook Page

Personally I think the idea of the stones is a lovely idea and for one, it brought a smile to my face. What do you think? Have you ever found one of these? Leave a comment below.

Sunshine peace

It so relaxing sitting in the sunshine. There’s just something about it that bring a sense of peace for that moment in time. I’m sitting in. My van at the moment looking out across Newcastle Town Moor. This is where they hold The Hoppings funfair in the summer. 

Sunshine peace

It so relaxing sitting in the sunshine. There’s just something about it that bring a sense of peace for that moment in time. I’m sitting in. My van at the moment looking out across Newcastle Town Moor. This is where they hold The Hoppings funfair in the summer. 

A Thursday from hell

Well, where do I start? Pretty much yesterday was the day from hell. The night time saw me downstairs trying to get rid of restless leg more than I was in bed. My restless leg affects both legs at different times and recently has started to affect my right arm as well from the forearm to my finger tips. Yes, restless leg does not just affect the legs. 

I went to work and had to complete a pretty busy shift on about one and a half hours sleep. I have no idea how I did it but I did. That’s not all, on top of being so tired, I felt like I was coming down with some bug, as within 4 hours of being at work I had had to make 5 emergency dashes to the loo. My stomach was not happy. To be honest, my whole body was not happy. I just felt totally wiped out. Also it rained a lot so some of the driving conditions were pretty bad so had to concentrate really hard. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my back started aching as well. I felt like I was a right mess. 

The whole combination of things made it a really lousy day for me but I have decided to go and see the doctor about the restless leg and other stuff so we will see what she can do for me. 

As I write this, I’m sitting in the dark downstairs in the living room with restless leg yet again but at least the ill feeling has gone for now and my arm is not affected this time. Not as bad anyway. 

Enough of my woes, I hope your week has been good for you all, and happy Thanksgiving to all of you on America. 

Bye for now and take care


I’m NOT a Celebrity, Let Me Be In It!

I remember just a couple of years ago, I’m a celebrity get me out of here, was the only, and I do mean ONLY, reality show I would watch. Yes I know our beloved Geordies Ant and Dec present it, and do a bloody fantastic job at it, but to be honest, it’s probably the only thing I can stand them in. For me the Ant and Dec steam train rolls on so they never seem to be off the T.V. so much so I am sick of seeing them. Anyway, this is not about them, its about the show itself.

As the years have gone by, I have watched less and less reality shows. I used to religiously watch Big Brother. It was a brilliant new concept in the beginning, then people started getting wise to it and saw that no matter who you were in the house, you could earn a bit of cash from the magazine’s, or get a T.V contract, even if you did not win. It seems every couple of months there’s a new idea for a reality show starting on our screen’s. Ask yourself this. All these wannabe’s that do the circuit going from one show to another, where do they always seem to end up? Or at least if the last 4 or 5 years have anything to go by. On I’m a celebrity get me out of here, that’s where. Is it really so difficult to get ‘real’ celebs to take part in the shows. By real celebs I mean, people who have worked damn hard and learnt their trade and started from the bottom working their way up to the top. These days celeb seems to mean something completely different. You can now be a celebrity for sleeping with someone, being involved in a scandal with someone famous, being YouTube, being a family member of someone slightly famous, making a complete fool of yourself on other reality shows, to the point your own family would disown you out of sheer embarrassment, after you do whatever it takes to get some attention. To be honest, I would not be surprised if some of them applied because the get a chance to shove a penis or testicles in their mouths, and doing it on camera, in their heads, makes them more famous and better liked. I’m sure a lot of them have this deep need to be accepted and liked. Maybe’s it’s a thing from their childhood, I don’t know. I’m no shrink, but they certainly seem to really want the attention to me.

I’m getting slightly off track here and getting on my soap box. My point is, hardly anyone in the jungle is what I would class as a celebrity. They have done nothing to deserve or earn that title. They haven’t worked at their profession since they were kids to get where they are.

For the second year running, I will not be watching the show. I have a funny feeling that I won’t ever watch it again if they continue using reality wannabe’s instead of real celebs.

That’s my rant over for today. Let me know your thoughts in the comment’s down below.

7 ways to stop your partner snoring. ( not exactly legal)

1: One of the most obvious ones is a nose clip thing. I am not sure how this is meant to work as my wife snores from her mouth not her nose. Some may find this works but we didn’t. This is a very humane method, the same as the age old gumshield device.

2: Smothering with a pillow. This one may require a bit of stamina as the snoring partner will more than likely try to fight you off. If you can avoid the flailing arms and legs, this method can be very successful. No more will you be bothered by a loud, rumbling, animal like noise during the night. You may find that once you get used to the quiet, you sleep like a baby. Note: You may require the expert help of specialist removal men to help dispose of the silent lump in the bed next to you, but I would advise using their services before you notice a smell of see flies.

3: Electric cattle prod. This can prove effective as well, but may lead to some undesired consequences. Such as the chance that one day when you least expect it, the prod may be used on you in retaliation. The use of the cattle prod, has significantly increased the rates of divorce in recent years so beware. I feel I should advise that, when using a cattle prod, if you notice a smell of bacon, this means you are using it on the person for more time than is required.

4: Moving your partner outside. This is done by whatever means you feel necessary but must be done without the snorers knowledge, as if they wake up then the end result could be you moving outside instead.
I have heard of someone who was sick if their husband snoring in his favourite chair that she pushed him to the front door, opened the door and left him for the night. This was during a blizzard. Obviously this could be a very handy method, if your partner looks great with a blue complexion, and they look good as a snowman. Moving you partner outside has loads of possibilities, depending on you strength, such as simply lying them on the car bonnet ( think of the healthy fresh air they will get), or physically inserting them into your wheelie bin. ( at least that way they stay sheltered).
Obviously if you live on the 25th floor of a high rise, it makes it a bit easier. It’s just a case of opening a window and giving them a helping hand. This has the effect of instant silence. Bliss.

5: Airhorn. This is an extra effective method, as not only would you wake your partner, but also the people half way down the street. So by your good deed, you could help loads of people get a good night sleep. How community spirited is that. A word of warning with this one is that it has been known to bring on heart attacks. No while this seems awful at first, the bright side is, you will have a peaceful nights sleep while your partner is either lifeless next to you, or in hospital receiving life saving treatment. Winner winner chicken dinner I say.

6: Duct tape / carpet tape. This can be similar to smothering by pillow (see number one), if you also cover the nose. Depending on the results you desire to have, either tape up the mouth, nose or both. Your partner may well thank you for this method is they are female, as removing the tape in the morning acts as an exfoliant. They will rejoice at how good their hairless face looks after you very thoughtful actions. This is a good one to score brownie points with your partner.

7: The Pinata. Again, this one is for those who are quite strong. Do not be afraid to call so special help in if needed for this. If your partner is snoring so bad, that you possibly cannot go on any more with no sleep, and the reflection in the mirror looks like an extra from The Walking Dead, then this is definitely one for you to consider. May sure you have a hook or similar contraption securely fixed to the ceiling in the bedroom. Tell your partner you are preparing for a kinky night as an excuse if they question it. When the time comes, and they are belting out the sounds of the worst storm to hit mankind, the get a thick rope, tie it round their ankles, and hoist them up to the ceiling gently so they do not wake up. This is where that baseball bat you have been etching their name into over and over on those sleepless nights comes in handy. NOw the methid of this is to imagine you are a child hitting a pinata to get all the sweets out of it, or as an adult, the pinata is full of nice, peaceful, never to be disturbed again, nights sleeps. Give it all you have with the bat, until you are satisfied, you wish for peaceful sleep has been granted. You may, for this method have to call in some very discrete cleaners, unless of course you have mastered the ways of Dexter from the TV show and used copious amounts of polythene to cover the room silently before hand.

Well there you have it my friends. I hope one of these methods helps you in your quest for a restful night.

Take care


(obviously this is dark humour, so if you do try any of these, on you head be it)

Steve’s Day.

It’s Steve’s Day. Woop woop. Yes I’m sad enough to say woop woop at 49 years old.

Anyway, today I woke up at about half past eleven. I was quite shocked at the time. I know I was totally shattered after a couple of night of bad sleep but I wasn’t expecting to be asleep until that time. And boy, did my back know it. To be honest, it’s what woke me up. The pain in my back, which I get when I have been lying in bed for too long. As I later found out, the night before I had forgotten to take all my meds, which include pain killers for my back. So not surprising really that I was in pain.

After the shock of waking up late, I went and had breakfast so that I could take my morning load of meds. The day has been spent in the house catching up on the washing etc. I managed to get Google Play music on Denise’s old Galaxy S4 phone. It was LOUD. I love my 80’s music.

Emma popped round today after getting back of her hols yesterday. It was good to catch up with her. She even brought the cats a pressie. A tin of loads of bags of treats. She spoils our cats. She’s a softie.

Georgia got home absolutely aching after carrying a very heavy bag home. It was something she needs to take to work tomorrow. She was not impressed at all at how sore she was.

Denise got home and we had Slimming World chicken curry for dinner. I love it when we had this. Very tasty.
We had a good night and had some laughs.

I’m in bed now so will get going. Its a short one today but if you have got this far, thank you for reading.

I have a favour to ask you guys before I go. Please share these blogs around on your social media. Its lovely when I see people have popped across to The Wright Times blog site.

Thats it for today so I’ll say good night to you all

Take care


I am lost

It was one of those nights yet again last night. I was so tired and no matter how long I lay there with my eyes closed, I could not slip into proper sleep. I think the last time I looked at the clock was about 5am, and my alarm goes off at 6.30am. 

Well, at work things have not been too bad. A bit on the busy side, but still manageable. Earlier on in the day I was getting on with things, then it happened. The worst thing that could happen. The worst thing for a vlogger / blogger / and someone who pretty much lives on the internet. My Huawei P9 phone decided after yesterday’s antics, to go and die on me. I don’t mean run out of battery. That would be fine as I had my charger with me. No, it went and totally and utterly give up the ghost. This was after it did the same as yesterday and flickered the screen, jumped to different screens, then gave me hundreds of very thin coloured lines from top to bottom, the went black. The most I can get out of it is a vibration when I hold the power button in for ten seconds, and the screen goes from black to a very, very, very slightly lighter black. If I plug the charger in, the charge light comes on green as if fully charged.

It’s weird that I did a post in the last couple of days about how reliant we have become on out devices. The day has been awful without it. No decent music to listen to apart from one or two songs throughout the day on the radio stations that I had to keep flicking to and from. I had my internet free work phone so at least I could text Denise and my friends. I even got a phone call of Marc as well which helped for a while. Without my mobile internet it was awful. I was looking forward to playing my Google Play music, or messaging on Telegram etc. There was times I needed to search Google for something but couldn’t do it.

Apart from that, my day has been one big extravaganza lol

I’m home now. We had salmon stirfry for dinner. It was lovely. Georgia finishes late tonight. Hopefully it will be a peaceful night.

Let hope I can sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.

What would you do if you had to go all day with no mobile internet, and you had no access to wifi.How would you feel? What would you miss the most?
Stick your answer in the comments below.

Have a good night / day everyone