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I am a normal ( in the loosest possible term) Dad from the North East of England. I have a few interests such as BTCC Touring Cars, Football, photography. My favourite hobby though is to just relax and chill out. I suffer from stress, depression and anxiety and possible PTSD. I am coming to terms with it these days where its not something I need to hide from people or be ashamed of. I also suffer from chronic back problems and live each day in pain in varying degrees. I am the sort of person that wants good for other people and always tries to help if I can. I can be really soft natured and sensitive, which sometimes surprises people when they meet me.

A shout out to of our nicest and friendlies vloggers. She is getting disheartened due to lack of support on her channel and her vlogs. I don’t blame her really as it takes a lot of time and effort to post a vlog and to see barely anyone watch it or comment even though she has over 700 subs would get me down. Come on guys and gals show some of our community support for Simone (pinkfloss86 on YouTube)

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