Fab and liberating day

Last Friday, D and I had the day to ourselves which is a rarity.
Once we had watched our daughter playing trumpet in a school show we were free. We went to a beachside cafe to sample the sausage and bacon sandwiches that we had heard so much about from friends. They were so tasty. And the coffee was lovely as well.
From there we set off to a local beach to sunbathe and relax. The beach in question is about 3 mile long and part of it is unofficially a nudist beach. We decided to give this a go seeing as we were feeling adventurous. The part of the beach for nudists is very quiet, only the occasional couple walking past with their dogs. No one bothered that we were naked. It felt very liberating. The feeling of the light breeze blowing round our bodies was so nice and relaxing.
Where we sat was at the back of the beach next to the dunes. We both to the opportunity to walk naked down to the waters edge which was about 100yards from us. This was a big step for both of us, more so for D who is a bit self conscious. It was amazing seeing her walk down to the water. This was a major thing for her and I am so proud of her for doing it.
We stayed there for at least 4 hours and enjoyed every single minute of it and didn’t want to put our clothes on after it.
I would recommend anyone to try it, even once. Its such a good feeling.

Work, PAH!!!!!!! Tomorrow, BRING IT ON!!!!

In the last 2 weeks I have returned to my job. The job I hate. The job that stresses me so much. The job where people get threatened with the sack for not hitting targets etc, despite having nearly 10 years service. As you can tell, I’m thrilled to be back in the grind. I’m not going to mention the companies name but they have been a relatively good employer over my time there but this one department I work on is really bad for stress and worrying about your job. I have asked for a transfer to another department, only to be told that I have to wait till they are advertised on the internal jobs board. I so need to move. I wake up in the mornings dreading going to work. It shouldn’t be like that. I’m determined to transfer. Loads sit and moan but do nothing about it. I don’t want to be like that, I want out of that department.

That’s my rant over and off my chest.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day for me and D as she has taken the day off as holiday to be with me. We will be child free for the whole day and night. Wooohoooo!!!!
We are planning to go to this bar/café in Tynemouth to get a breakfast. Apparently the sausage and bacon sarnies are to die for so we have wanted to try them for ages. After that we plan on just driving and see where we end up. We obviously, are hoping for good weather. We may even try out one of the nudist beaches near here (weather permitting), but if it continues to rain, we will still have fun, whatever we do or wherever we go, as we are together.
You see, lately we have undergone what I suppose is a transformation in our relationship. We have been stuck in a rut for so long and we both felt it was getting a bit boring and monotonous. D woke up one day like a new person and it’s like having a new wife. She decided she didn’t want to be the old D anymore and wanted to be more positive and happy. This had a great effect on me. I found myself changing as well. I have bought new clothes, feel a lot better in myself and feel 100 times happier with our relationship. The physical side of our relationship has rocketed. We can’t keep our hands off each other. We both miss each other every day while at work. We send lovely sms to each other everyday. We snuggle up at night in front of the TV instead of sitting there hardly speaking. I, for one, feel like a new person. Neither of us saw this coming. It was literally an overnight thing. So weird but so very, very welcome.


Well today’s the day I go back to work after being off 13 weeks. I have to admit I’m not looking forward to it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Local news

What a contrast 2 days can make. Yesterday, as some of you would of seen, a gunman shot a police officer, apparently unprovoked in the chest with a shotgun. The area where we live has a weird feeling about it at the moment as this man is yet to be captured. The night before shooting the policeman, he shot and wounded his ex girlfriend and shot dead her new boyfriend in another town not far from here. This has been on Sky News all the time, and from what I understand, he may well be the most wanted man in the UK.

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Well happy

Just been to the local garden centre to get a tomato plant and feed to go in the greenhouse. The lovely girl on the till told us that outside there was some chilli plants going for free. I got a whole tray of mixed varieties of pepper plants and leeks. Over the moon with the bargain. The chillis will go nice in a con carnie. Mmmmm

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My new blog. Please check it out.


This is the address for my new blog for me to post my ‘random’ photos that I take when out and about. I’m going to try and upload a photo daily to it so please try and keep popping back, and follow it as well.


Our garden addition

Sorry for no posts lately. Other things have been getting in the way.
This week, I’ve gone all green fingered in the garden. We bought one of those polythene greenhouses. I never had one before so I’m quite chuffed. We couldnt have a glass one as the kids round here would have the glass smashed in no time at all.
We have got a few Alpine strawberry plants, and rosemary ( both donated by our kind neighbours ). We have a half dead mini rose plant which I’m wanting to try and revive and also a few pots with different seeds and bulbs in. It may be too late in the year for some of them but I’ll take my chances, seeing as the weather is all over at present. We may get some tomato plants and chilli plants as well.
This is it, with out table in the background with all sorts of other stuff on it, including potted weeds which we need to sort. Check out our ever expanding gnome collection as well.

All over the place

Firstly, my apologies for not posting much recently.
Today has been one of those days where I don’t get much time to myself, or so it feels. I found out last night that my brother is in hospital yet again, and has been for the last week. I wish someone would tell me. This time, my parents didn’t even know. My brother asked me over the phone to nip to his house and get some clothes for him, so been driving round doing that and making sure his house is ok.
After picking my daughter up from school, been to the local pet shop and stocked up on hay etc for the rabbit and litter for the cat.
Tonight we are off to the hospital to see my brother. He seems fine on the phone apart from him slurring his word again. He had a minor stroke not long ago so hope nothing has happened since.
This morning I woke with a pain in my back. Nothing interesting there I here you say but I suffer with a prolapsed disk and degraded disks either side of it. I have had years of treatments to try and find a way to relieve the pain with no luck. The only thing that sort of helps are fentanyl patches, which are like smoking patches but with a drug in them that’s apparently 100 times stronger than morphine. Even these, I’m having to up the dosage as my body gets used to them.
Anyway, I woke this morning with the pain, which is annoying as I am due to see the doc on Tuesday to discuss going back to work after 12 weeks off on the sick. I have been ok for a few weeks now, then this happens. I hope it eases off. Bloody typical.

On a good note, my daughter passed her cycling proficiency test yesterday with 88% pass score. We are chuffed for her as she has only had her bike a month or so and has only been out a few times on it supervised.

Read a funny thing this morning

While waiting for iTunes to get its arse in gear and hurry up, I found this. It made me laugh.

Diary of One Who Employs a Cleaner

So you think you’ve got the answer to all your cleaning problems… get a cleaner! It’s simple. Or is it? The following diary written by someone who employs a cleaner might make you think again.


7.30am Cleaner due in 90 minutes. Aaargh! Mad rush to clean, dust, spritz, buff and polish things so that cleaner doesn’t think I’m a slob (she would of course be right). Hide dirty underwear. Bin really dirty underwear. Hide ‘dirty’ (ie provocative) underwear so cleaner doesn’t think I’m kinky.

8am Leave house to avoid encountering cleaner – she thinks I have a proper nine to five job.

9am Realise I’ve forgotten to leave money for cleaner.

9.30am Return home to encounter cleaner reading my mail. Embarrassed exchange of pleasantries and 20 quid2.

9.45am Point out that windows need cleaning. Cleaner sniffs. ‘Don’t do windows ‘cos of me back’. Neither does she do ‘fridges, ovens, chip pans or cat litter’. (I don’t have a cat. Perhaps she is trying to tell me my flat smells a bit?)

10am Cleaner makes tea, complains about lack of milk and asks whether I’m going to be late for work.

11am – 5pm Mooch around shops trying not to think about what cleaner might be poking about with in my flat. Contemplate shinning up drainpipe and peering through window, then remember it’s too dirty to see through.

6pm Return home. Admire the way cleaner has moved every single item of furniture. Spend three hours moving it all back, and thus uncovering stains which cleaner couldn’t be arsed to clean.

9pm Note marked absence of biscuits, tea, pile of nicely ironed clothes and assorted newspapers marked ‘please do not chuck out as I haven’t read these yet’.

10pm Sit down to watch video recording of Eastenders screened earlier on in the evening3.

10.05pm Discover that cleaner unplugged video and reset it.

10.06pm Watch unwanted eight hour video of International Golf, before falling asleep and having violent dreams about disembowelment of cleaner with a Dyson crevice tool.

Repeat once a week as necessary, and say out loud, rhetorically, ‘This is ‘labour-saving’?’