Tired and peeved

I am so tired this week. I have moved from one department to my old department that I worked on about 7 yrs ago. Even though I know most of the systems, apart from a couple of new ones, I feel mentally drained going through retraining plus going on line and trying to hit targets for call durations. Fair enough they don’t expect us to hit them yet but I’ve still been trying to hit them and not getting anywhere near due to long calls trying to sort peoples problems out.
I come home and all I want to do is lie down and go to sleep. Last night, even though I was shattered, I still couldn’t sleep. It took me hours to drift off properly so today has been a bit of a struggle. Fingers crossed.

Before I go I must tell you about something D has just told me.
She has just pulled up in her car after taking our daughter to dance class and saw a young boy ( I’ll not call him what I want to but it rhymes with ship ) from along the street with his dog on a lead, letting it pee on our front garden. He’s just had a gobfull off D and a visit to his mother may be on the cards to kick off. His mother is known to be a bit of a nutter when she kicks off.
I know a pee may not be a major thing to some people but what if it is the other the next time. It just show disrespect for other peoples property. Hopefully next time we will catch it happening and get a photo then we can report them. That’s a nice 1000 pound fine. I’m getting annoyed just thinking about it.

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Bye bye desktop

Well, this week, my poor desktop pc finally gave up the ghost and decided to pass away. No warning, just didnt switch on one day. There was power to it. Fans are going etc, just hard drive not working so may be mother board or hard drive, I dont know. So because of that, my photography has taken a hit. I do have a laptop but editing photos isnt the same on a laptop as it is on a desktop. The screen isnt sharp enough. I could, i suppose link my laptop to the main screen but I havent tried that yet.
Its nearly the weekend, and thank f**k I say. I am shattered. For some reason, this week I have been worn out all day every day. I’m looking forward to the rest. I’ve nothing special planned for the weekend apart from chilling and unwinding. Bring it on.
Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m a whole 42 years old. Still feel like an 18 year old, but damned if i can find one. ( The old ones are the best ). Frightening thing is, I can remember when my Dad was this age. That makes me feel old thinking of that.
I’ll keep you all updated as of what happens over the weekend.


What a week its been so far at work. Yes, I know its only Wednesday but I’m absolutly shattered. Even slept in this morning. I made the dredded mistake of keep snoozing the alarm on my iphone. I dont know how many of you have an iPhone but its so easy to switch the alarm of instead of snoozing. This is what I did. I had 15 minutes to get my butt out of bed and into the shower, have a cuppa then go to work. I managed it but no time to relax, which I hate. Theres nothing worse than sleeping in and rushing for work. You end up stressed before even starting work. Not good.
Had to laugh after speaking to a customer today. I answered the call as if the account holder was ringing, which we have to. It turned out to be a third party user of the account. She said ‘ why does everyone say Mr. *****’ when I ring. I explained about answering as if its the account holder. ‘But I am the acount holder’ she said. No, you’re the third party, I explained to which she replied ‘Oh, if I’m the third party, whos the second party then?’ I had to really bite my lip on that one. Makes you wonder about some people lol.

Weehee Weekend

Well that’s it. Another week finished at work. Bring on the weekend. I am so looking forward to it. No having to get up for work at 6am.
I am planning on going to the local shopping centre to take my daughter to Starbucks while her mother is at work and no doubt go round hundreds of shops. I enjoy going out, doing things with her. Just Daddy, Daughter time. We normally have a good laugh.
Sunday, weather permitting we should hopefully be going to the Newcastle quayside market. We all enjoy wandering around there. Its very relaxing. Then go for a coffee. Hopefully it will stop raining before then. Its done nothing but rain today.
One of my blogger friends (Livi – http://princessl.co.uk/ ) did a vlog for the very first time yesterday. She did very well. I have to admit that I have considered it but am too shy and would just forget what to say. Maybes one day I will.
Well anyway, that’s me for the moment. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


I knew when I started blogging that it was gonna be a long tough slog to get followers but I didnt think it would be so bad. I have been commenting on other peoples blogs andfollowing them but has any of them, apart from my online friends Livi and Monika ( both followed me from the start ) followed back back. NO!!!! I know you cant force people to follow but still would be nice if they did, even for a short time to see what I have to say. If after that they dont like it then leave. At least I would know that people are actually taking some sort of notice.
Maybes one day they will follow. Its just frustrating thats all. At the moment it feels like I’m only putting messages up for those 2 followers I have.
If anyone has any suggestions about how to make this blog more successful, how to get followers, or how to advertise my blog, let me know please.

A nice, welcome change

Well, today was my first day of training for my new job withing the company. Myself and another guy who has moved from the same department as myself both agree, its like a big weight has been lifted off our shoulders. A weight I have been trying to shift for over 4 years now. A lot of what we covered, actually the majority of what we covered I already knew seeing as I have been at that company for nearly 10 years now but still was good to go through it with new people. D said that this morning when I left for work, I looked more relaxed and wasn’t the normal ‘oh my god, do I really have to go in?’ type of attitude that I have before setting off to work. Mind you, I found it hard to get up when it was still dark to be at work for 8.45am.
The trainer, to a couple of us looks like, and to a certain extent, acts like Michael McIntyre, the comedian. Only thing missing is the running skip that Michael McIntyre does on stage. I swear, if he does that in class, I will wet myself laughing. This is what I mean. If it doesnt work use this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OKY2jyBm4w

Looking forward to a nice day off

After being at work for 1 day today, I’m off tomorrow then in training for 2 weeks for my new job as mentioned on the previous post.
Today, at work has been so boring. I just wanted the day to end. Its probably because I was so looking forward to the day being over. I had to empty my drawers. Its surprising how much rubbish you gather when using the same set of drawers for about 7 years. My car boot has 3 full bags to be sorted.
Well tomorrow, weather permitting, we are going to Newcastle quayside to mooch around the market there. I love doing this. Looking for bargains. We normally end up at a nice little coffee shop at the end of the market and have a couple of cup , or in my case large mugs of filter coffee. We sit outside, not just you can smoke but also, I love just people watching and taking a few photos. People are great to watch. The clothes, the mannerisms, expressions, the whole package. See some funny people out and about. I’m sure I will have some photos to post.

Back to work

Its back to work tomorrow for me after 3 weeks off work. I’ve had a lovely week at Haggerston Castle, a rather painful trip to Donington Park and the rest of the time chilling and relaxing. Although the last week has been spent more in pain than relaxing.
I am going back to my normal job for one day, having one day off then into training for my new job. My new job is really just going back to the department I came from originally so its just a case of retraining. So will going from speaking to people trying to get everything for nothing on the sales dept to listening to people complain because their bills are wrong or they can’t pay. Hi ho. At least it will be a change of department and I wont be threatened with my job for not hitting targets every days. I’m sure I can do better than so of the so called customer service staff that work there. especially from non UK call centres. I certainly have more confidence to do the job than I had when I was first on that department.

New look, new name

As you must be able to see, unless you can navigate the web with your eyes shut, my blog has a new mae and a new look. Ive called it Laid Bare as that is basically what I will be doing , laying my daily life bare for all to see. I will post about all sorts, whether good or bad. Happy or sad. Saying that, that’s what the idea has been all along since my blog started.
I had planned to put a slide show at the side but the widget wasnt picking up on my account so was showing someone else’s photos instead.
I have also included a contact me page. If anyone wants to drop me a line about anything at all, suggestions, ideas, complaints or even compliments if you like my blog that is, please fill in the form. It doesnt give me the option to reply, but if you leave you email address on the mail, I will reply to you.

Kind regards