Nearly the end of the week

After applying my Fentynal patch last night ( which is now increased to 50 micrograms) I had one hour sleep between 7 and 8 am this morning. I feel so shattered. It doesn’t help that the outside temperature is 20+ degrees.I really should speak to the doctor to see if he can give me anything to help me sleep on the first night of applying the patches. I’m going to have a nice relaxing bath tonight, have my tea then have an early night, ready for a nice family day tomorrow.
I still have not heard from my son, J. Rumour has it he is visiting his sister in another part of the country. I just wish he would text and let me know he is safe and well.
I can’t decide whether to text him or leave him to sort his head out.
The house is looking a bit tidier after sorting stuff out this afternoon. It’s surprising how much rubbish you accumulate over a short space of time. Toffee ( our lion head house rabbit) has torn chunks off the rug which you only find out when you shake it. We might as well throw the rug out if he is just going to use it as a chew toy. It’s not like he goes short of food.
Had a nasty surprise in the post today. My wage slip came, and I am about 24 hours short. Payroll have made a mistake. I think I know where as well. I was expecting 16 hours due to being on the sick and not getting paid for the first 2 or 3 days ( I can’t remember which), plus my first day of sick, we changed from 12 to 8 hours. It may work out correct, it may not. I will see on Monday when I ring up.
Final thought: thank the lord I don’t have to endure ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ on TV tonight. A Saturday off without reality TV teen rubbish. BLISS!!!!!


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