Fab and liberating day

Last Friday, D and I had the day to ourselves which is a rarity.
Once we had watched our daughter playing trumpet in a school show we were free. We went to a beachside cafe to sample the sausage and bacon sandwiches that we had heard so much about from friends. They were so tasty. And the coffee was lovely as well.
From there we set off to a local beach to sunbathe and relax. The beach in question is about 3 mile long and part of it is unofficially a nudist beach. We decided to give this a go seeing as we were feeling adventurous. The part of the beach for nudists is very quiet, only the occasional couple walking past with their dogs. No one bothered that we were naked. It felt very liberating. The feeling of the light breeze blowing round our bodies was so nice and relaxing.
Where we sat was at the back of the beach next to the dunes. We both to the opportunity to walk naked down to the waters edge which was about 100yards from us. This was a big step for both of us, more so for D who is a bit self conscious. It was amazing seeing her walk down to the water. This was a major thing for her and I am so proud of her for doing it.
We stayed there for at least 4 hours and enjoyed every single minute of it and didn’t want to put our clothes on after it.
I would recommend anyone to try it, even once. Its such a good feeling.

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