Our hols continued

We’ve been having a great time so far. G has been to the kids club, also living it up on the dance floor each night.
We have been to the swimming pool each day. It’s been lovely. G loves being in the pool and always complains when it’s time to get out.
Yesterday we went into Berwick. A town on the border of England and Scotland. I haven’t been for years. I got so scotch meat pies from a highly recommended butcher. Can’t wait to try them. I may get some haggis to go home with.
While in Berwick, we all went to this cafe we found down a side street. For anyone in uk, you may be able to picture this. It’s the type of cafe you would find in most towns in the 70s and 80s. No frills type of place. Price lists on the Walls we on dayglo card. It’s like we had stepped back in time. A greasy spoon type place. The food was lovely. I much prefer these type of cafe’s rather than the trendy over priced modern bistros etc.
This is the exterior.

This is the interior.

And finally a couple of shots of Berwick main street.

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