Back to work

Its back to work tomorrow for me after 3 weeks off work. I’ve had a lovely week at Haggerston Castle, a rather painful trip to Donington Park and the rest of the time chilling and relaxing. Although the last week has been spent more in pain than relaxing.
I am going back to my normal job for one day, having one day off then into training for my new job. My new job is really just going back to the department I came from originally so its just a case of retraining. So will going from speaking to people trying to get everything for nothing on the sales dept to listening to people complain because their bills are wrong or they can’t pay. Hi ho. At least it will be a change of department and I wont be threatened with my job for not hitting targets every days. I’m sure I can do better than so of the so called customer service staff that work there. especially from non UK call centres. I certainly have more confidence to do the job than I had when I was first on that department.

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