New look, new name

As you must be able to see, unless you can navigate the web with your eyes shut, my blog has a new mae and a new look. Ive called it Laid Bare as that is basically what I will be doing , laying my daily life bare for all to see. I will post about all sorts, whether good or bad. Happy or sad. Saying that, that’s what the idea has been all along since my blog started.
I had planned to put a slide show at the side but the widget wasnt picking up on my account so was showing someone else’s photos instead.
I have also included a contact me page. If anyone wants to drop me a line about anything at all, suggestions, ideas, complaints or even compliments if you like my blog that is, please fill in the form. It doesnt give me the option to reply, but if you leave you email address on the mail, I will reply to you.

Kind regards


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