Looking forward to a nice day off

After being at work for 1 day today, I’m off tomorrow then in training for 2 weeks for my new job as mentioned on the previous post.
Today, at work has been so boring. I just wanted the day to end. Its probably because I was so looking forward to the day being over. I had to empty my drawers. Its surprising how much rubbish you gather when using the same set of drawers for about 7 years. My car boot has 3 full bags to be sorted.
Well tomorrow, weather permitting, we are going to Newcastle quayside to mooch around the market there. I love doing this. Looking for bargains. We normally end up at a nice little coffee shop at the end of the market and have a couple of cup , or in my case large mugs of filter coffee. We sit outside, not just you can smoke but also, I love just people watching and taking a few photos. People are great to watch. The clothes, the mannerisms, expressions, the whole package. See some funny people out and about. I’m sure I will have some photos to post.

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