A nice, welcome change

Well, today was my first day of training for my new job withing the company. Myself and another guy who has moved from the same department as myself both agree, its like a big weight has been lifted off our shoulders. A weight I have been trying to shift for over 4 years now. A lot of what we covered, actually the majority of what we covered I already knew seeing as I have been at that company for nearly 10 years now but still was good to go through it with new people. D said that this morning when I left for work, I looked more relaxed and wasn’t the normal ‘oh my god, do I really have to go in?’ type of attitude that I have before setting off to work. Mind you, I found it hard to get up when it was still dark to be at work for 8.45am.
The trainer, to a couple of us looks like, and to a certain extent, acts like Michael McIntyre, the comedian. Only thing missing is the running skip that Michael McIntyre does on stage. I swear, if he does that in class, I will wet myself laughing. This is what I mean. If it doesnt work use this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OKY2jyBm4w

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