It’s been a long time

Its been over two weeks now since Mam died, and since then I”ve been travelling the 10 miles to the house to help my Dad deal with things. Today, while I was visiting my Dad, he asked me to come upstairs. I knew what was coming. Dad took me to my Mam’s bedroom. The same bedroom, where she took to her bed, ill, not long before becoming serious ill and being taking to hospital. It was a strange experience. Its been quite a few years since I was last in that room, and that time, was when she was ill as well. I could still see my Mam lying there all those years ago. What made this time even more strange, was that my Dad and myself, had to go through here drawers and bags, and dresser, looking for any paperwork relating to any of her bank accounts and insurances etc. I tried to blank it out, but it felt I was sort of invading her personal stuff and felt wrong in a way. Having to go through bags of paperwork, not knowing what I would find was sort of stomach churning for me. For my Dad as well, I’m sure. He seemed to ‘just get on with it’. Being what I loosely term ‘old school’, my Dad does his grieving in private.
The bedroom, if you can imagine it has two wardrobes. One in each alcove, a dressing unit in the bay window, a desk, and two bedside cupboards, and all of which had any amount of stuff packed away in them, and paperwork in every drawer. A daunting task lies ahead of us.
Afterwards, we went into the downstairs back dining room. This room has very rarely been used for dining. Over the years, its got more and more like a room to store stuff. We found, yet more letter in more cupboards and drawers. I dread to think how long this is going to take. At the same time, like I told my Dad, a lot of the paperwork is for the same things, so once we sort out the most recent ones, we can shred the rest.

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