Its starting to get complicated.

What a horrible nights sleep I had last night. It felt as though I had woke up every 5 minutes. As if all the stuff with my Mam’s death wasn’t enough to keep my mind active so I didn’t sleep, every time I turned over, I was getting shooting pains up my back from my back injury. How I didn’t wake Denise with all my wincing, every time I moved, I do not know. So as a result, I am shattered today. I feel I could just curl up on the settee and go to sleep. Unfortunately, that is not an option as I have to go back down to Whitley Bay to start the messy process of sorting my Mam’s bank accounts and my Dad’s benefits etc.

Well, we did our visit to the Job Centre and got forms filled in for my Dad. He still has paperwork to find in the house and finish filling another form to take back down to them. Personally I find the Job Centre / Dole Office / benefits office / The Nash, or whatever you want to call them, very hard to deal with. They won’t volunteer information or tell you what your entitled to unless you specifically ask. They tell you you have to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau ( which is a 15 min train journey away ) to get the information, even though you are already sitting in the Job Centre. And they wonder why no-one likes going there.

After that, exciting ( not! ) visit to the Job Centre, we went to the bank to start sorting my Mam’s bank accounts, only to find that there was too much in the accounts to just close, and by law, we would have to go to a solicitors and apply for a Letter of Administration which could take possibly 6 weeks. Well, we got done what we could, then went to the solicitors and arranged an appointment to apply for the Letter of Administration. Again, they are going to want any paperwork that is to do with any financial things she had, such as bank accounts, life insurances etc. This is where it gets even more messy, as my Mam, has kept paperwork going back to the early 1960’s, and non of it is together. She used to get letters and statements etc and put the in drawers and cupboards etc all over the house. Anywhere that was convenient at the time, so it appears. We are going through stuff and finding paperwork for things my Dad didn’t even know about. I think its going to be a case of going through each drawer and cupboard, one at a time, and just pulling out the most recent items and shredding the rest. Its a nightmare and I can tell my Dad is getting a bit stressed by it all, bless him. I’m trying my best to keep him calm and do as much as I can do for him.

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