A nice day

09 /02 / 2013

Saturday is here. One of the days I have been looking forward to. The reason being, simply, because D is off work ( although a bit hungover ). She doesn’t know it, and will more than likely tell me off for saying this on here rather than to her face, but just the fact of her being close by, is an enormous help and relief to me. She doesn’t have to do anything to help me, just being there is a big help in itself. I know that if I did need help, or even just someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, she will always be there. She even said to wake her, if I ever needed to talk, even if it silly o’clock in the morning. I could not do that to her, but its a nice gesture.
Today, we went to Ikea to get my Dad a new lamp for his living room. He has been complaining for the last month that the main lamp in his living room is rubbish as it has an energy saving bulb in it. I will get John to change that tomorrow hopefully as the ceilings are very hight and I don’t want my Dad trying to go up step ladders and having a fall. My Dad has for ages now used the main room light for everything. He has not had a smaller lamp for years. Hopefully he will like this one as it is bright and has a second flexible lamp on the side he can bend to point down when he is reading his papers. He needs a bright lamp as his eyesight is not what it was.
We also bought a couple of new things for the house. Nothing major. Just a new glass lid for our wok and a new loo brush. Ours fell to bits. Oh, I nearly forgot. We bought a lovely new bath mat to go beside the bath. The cats will love it as they always sleep on the mat due to the underfloor heating. Its very soft and fluffy when you stand on it. Much nicer than the old, one which was well past its best.
After tea, I had a nice soothing bath, as I have had pains in my back, shoulder, neck and down my right arm today. You cannot beat a nice hot bath when your not in a rush. Its lovely just to lie there and soak. Mind you, it’s a bit hard to relax when you have a cat that balances on the edge of the bath, nearly to the point of toppling in, just to drink your bath water. You just know, if he did fall in, there would be claws flying in a mad panic. Not a nice thought.

Tonight, I has a chat with my good friend Carl. It was nice to catch up with him. It seems a while since we last had a good chat. He was telling me he is very excited about his new blog and website. I don’t have details for the website yet, but the blog can be found at https://lifeofcarl.wordpress.com. Its a really good, personal blog, where he tells us about his day to day life and the ups and downs. Well worth a visit. Please subscribe or follow him if you can. Carl is a very nice guy. Some would say, salt of the earth. Carl does not have a bad bone in his body, and will do anything to help if he can. Please pop by and say hi to him. He is relatively new to blogging, like myself, so any support would be gratefully received.

Well I’m off to bed now as I need my beauty sleep. Its hard work being this good looking ( Not! )

Take care everyone

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