Vapor cigarettes banned in local shopping centre

This is what I found out, last night when visiting our local shopping centre, which is, or was the largest in Europe. Its Gateshead’s Metrocentre. I visited the Metrocentre to get some new cartridges for D’s vapour cigarettes. The company that sells them is VIP, and has had a stall on one on the aisles for a year now. The Metrocentre has now given VIP notice to stop selling the vapour cigarettes and the contract ends on 28th Feb 2013. They told the stallholders that they can no longer sell vapour cigarettes on the premises. This comes across as quite strange seeing as there are one or two other shops that are allowed to continue selling the vapour cigarettes, but of a different brand. This means that customers of the stall will now have to potentially travel a lot further to get the produce. A well as this, the security guards are now stopping people they see walking around the shopping centre, and telling them that they have to stop smoking the vapour cigarettes, and cannot smoke the anywhere within the shopping centre APART FROM their champagne and cocktail bar, which is a little ‘bar’ situated in the middle of one of the aisles. This bar is obviously still situated with the shopping centre and is an ‘open’ bar, as in, being in the middle of the aisle there is no roof or anything to it, and everyone shopping, walks past it. With this said, why on earth do vapour e-cigarette smokers have to be stopped when we are in the same environment and conditions as this bar. Also, there are no signs anywhere, on doors, posts, windows or anywhere to tell you, smoking vapour cigarettes is not allowed. Also, legally, it is not against the law to smoke vapour cigarettes in a public place. There is no difference between one of these vapour cigarettes and a nicotine inhaler prescribed by a doctor, apart from vapour cigarettes use a battery. I cannot see them banning prescribed nicotine inhalers so why vapour cigarettes. According to the stall holders of the VIP stand, who do actually work for VIP, all their customers are very unhappy, and some have even taken to emailing the Metrocentre itself to complain. I have to admit, I have, myself, done this and told them exactly what I thought of these actions. Another thing I cannot understand, is with regard to the purpose of a vapour e-cigarette. Why would the Metrocentre want to ban people smoking them or selling them, when this type of cigarettes gives of no harmful vapours. All that comes out is water. No harm by passive smoking. People who use this type of product, are obviously trying to give up, so decisions like the Metrocentre have apparently made, only go to make the users of this type of product more ousted and victimised than they were when smoking real cigarettes. Smokers are being treated by some as something close to lepers, so to treat (non) smokers like this because they choose to smoke a vapour cigarette is bang out of order. It will be interesting to see if I get a response to my email. I will let you know if I do.

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