A boring day half wasted

Before I had even woke up, half of today was already gone. It was midday when I woke up from my drug induced sleep. Before anyone starts jumping up and down shouting about how bad drugs are, and how much damage they cause to you and society these are prescribed drugs. I’m having to take Tramadol and Paracetamol for pain and Amitriptyline to help me sleep. The problem I find with Amitriptyline is that, instead of them taking effect before I go to bed, they seem to have a delayed response. I find that it could be 4am before they kick in, and up until then my left leg and right arm love doing their version of some deranged river dance. Every couple of minutes, I feel an almighty spasm building up in my leg then a twitch that’s so strong my whole body jumps. My arm has a slightly different feeling. That just gives, what I can only describe as a strong, tickly ache with numbness in my wrist hands and fingers. Thankfully this is my right arm not my left.

Some people would say a big resounding ‘YES’ to sleeping in until noon, but in my case, I had things I have to do. When I did eventually get my backside out of my pit, I settled down at my desk with a lovely hot cuppa and went about ordering my new car tax disk and a replacement driving license online. My current driving license is in a pitiful state. Once you manage to free it from its wallet, it virtually falls into a load of worn out paper. It was a laugh when I went and bought our cars and had to provide the driving license. They had to piece it together to photocopy it, like some sort of jigsaw. Heaven help me if the police ever stop me and ask to see it. Ordering the driving license is so much easier that having to dig out all your paperwork, drive or get the bus to your local Post Office, stand in a queue, and got back home again. Whereas, within a few minutes, you could have it ordered on, when doing it online. I wish everything was as easy to order online as a tax disk.

After getting all that out of the way, I had to make yet another car journey to the local Ikea. As I was in no rush, and by myself, I had to make a visit to the Ikea restaurant for coffee. I like the Ikea coffee so much, I even buy some to make at home. The good thing about the restaurant is unlimited coffee, which is 90p, or if you show your Ikea Family Card, Monday to Friday, it’s completely free of charge, so I make a point of filling up on it. After my coffee, I went about doing what I initially went to Ikea to do. That was to buy some insert compartments for our new shelves then set off to pick G up from her Grans then go home.

Once we got home, this is when the fun really started. I say fun, in the loosest possible way. I had the monotonous task of shredding all the paperwork we had sorted out in the last week. Thankfully, I was able to delegate G to do some. That’s the great thing about being a parent, having the power to persuade your child to do jobs for you. Two and a half hours later, she was still at it, and had only got half way through, due to the shredder overheating and having to be switched off for half an hour. G did well, bless her. There was a lot to do so it’s not surprising she only got half way through. That can be left for another day.

Tomorrow, I’m sure, will be lot more interesting. G and I are hopefully going to have a father daughter day out. I know G wants to buy some make up, and no doubt we will go for coffee somewhere. Time will tell.

Joke of the day: ( Courtesy of my Dad )

Q: What side of a bear, is the hairiest?
A: The outside.

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