Penguins and illness

Monday morning, and I’m awake at 09.30 which means I have had 11 hours of well needed sleep. It was helped by the pain killers etc that I took last night. I was actually falling asleep in front of one of my favourite TV programmes, Person of interest. I got ‘told’ to go to bed by D, as my eyes were rolling, while I was trying not to fall asleep.
Once I had sufficiently woke up this morning, I went down to my Dad’s house and went to the bank to sort out a problem. This was easily done with a phone call from the branch. It was a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing, and paperwork being sent out for stuff that was sorted weeks ago. I don’t know about anyone else’s experience, but I have found Lloyds TSB very easy and friendly to deal with. So much so that I am actually thinking of moving to them from my money grabbing, robbing bank.
Today, I started filling in a new spreadsheet so that I can keep an watch on my finances. Its frightening to see how much money I don’t actually have, and even more worrying is the fact I have not included petrol and cigarettes in that. I feel the time is getting close to give up and join D, in the wonderful world of E-cigarettes. That would save me a fortune. Well a fortune in my money anyway.
We have been watching the final episode tonight of ‘Penguins – Spy in the huddle’. What a fascinating series this has been. If anyone has not seen it, its about 3 different breeds of penguin, in 3 different parts of the world. One of the magical things about this series, apart from how cute baby penguins are, is the footage captured but the remote controlled, disguised cameras. One is disguised as a rock, another an egg, and a few more disguised as penguins from the breed they are watching. They were able to get right in amongst the colonies. Some penguins took a fancy to the disguised cams, some wanted to challenge one of them and accidentally pulled its head off, a predator bird tried to snatch the egg cam, and one tried to mother one disguised as a baby penguin. One of the things that stood out for me,was some of the actions the penguins took, were the same as what humans would do. For example, there was a colony of penguins ( Yes thats the correct word for a group of penguins.) they all huddled together when a bird was trying to attack them to pinch one of them for food. One of the young chicks actually stood as tell as he could and put his flipper out to the side the protect the others behind him, a bit like a person would do to protect another person.

A snapshot taken on TV screen. Everyone, altogether now say ‘awwwwwwww’
penguins This series should win awards for its footage. Some of the footage shows things never, ever shot by camera before. To me, this series is a absolute masterpiece. Check out the BBC website for this programme at this address.

Had some news tonight that a little niece of ours, K, has been taken to and kept in hospital overnight. She is feeling really unwell. She has a rash, bad tummy and being sick. The hospital say it is not Chicken Pox. Now I know, there is Scarlet Fever doing the rounds these days, even though the NHS website say its rare in the UK. I may be wrong but is it just a coincidence that Rickets and Scarlet Fever are coming back, when the UK is now in poverty? Anyway, I hope our little K recovers quickly and comes home soon.
On a similar subject, my Grandson J, who is only 8 months old, is feeling very unwell at the moment as well. He is not able to keep any food down and is being sick as well. The doctor has been out. They said he is not dehydrated but he does have a slight temperature, also theres no rash on J as there is on our niece, so hopefully its not the same thing. His mum is absolutely shattered as she has been up since 3am yesterday. We send our love to both K and J, and wish them both a speedy recovery.

Tomorrow, I have the joy ( sarcasm ), of going to see the physio. Another session resulting in pain. Also, on Wednesday, I have to attend an Occupational Health assessment that was arranged by my work. Thats going to be fun. ( sarcasm yet again ). If its anything like the one I did in the past, then it will involve lifting boxes, pulling stuff, hand eye coordination stuff, and all manor of things like that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

To end on a happier note, here is the joke of the day:

What is blue and goes ‘ding dong’?
An Avon lady at the North Pole.

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