It started badly

What a start to the day. I hope it doesnt continue this way. I went to see the doctor for my 09.30 appointment only to find out that I should of been there at 09.00. I explained to the receptionist that I had made a mistake and that I was late. She point blank refused to even entertain the idea of me seeing the doctor. I wouldn’t of minded waiting to hopefully be slotted in between appointments but she said no. I explained that I need to see about another sick note as my current one expires today, and to discuss things with a doctor with regards to the most recent things that have happened. She still refused to help. I asked if the on call doctor could give me a ring then. She said that’s only for urgent cases where things have happened in the last 24 – 48 hours. I explained I was taken into hospital by ambulance yesterday. She said she was sorry about that but on call doctors cannot issue sick notes anyway, so noone will be able to help you. I then had to ring my boss and explained what had happened. She asked how I was. I explained what had happened. She asked if I am ringing sick for tomorrows shift. I told her I was to which she replied that to be honest, if I did come back, I would be coming back at a very stressful time as things have changed so we are expecting a heavy workload for a while. NOw, after what happened this afternoon, I am glad I wont be going back just yet, or at least until the doctor says its ok.
After speaking to my boss, I drove to my Dads house and realised half way there I forgot to put my new tax disk on show. I hope I don’t get a ticket. Once at my Dad’s I yet again had to ring Virgin Media only to be told they STILL have not sent the bereavement forms out. I am getting a bit sick of this. My Dad received a bill in his name, minus the street name. The Post Office had handwritten the street name on the envelope, but there are 2 people of the same name living on that street. He also received a letter in my Mam’s name about upping her credit limit with Virgin Media. Both the bill and the letter had the same account number on. How are we supposed to tell who the account hold is, if stuff is being mailed out in two different names. The overseas guy on the phone then said he would send me a password to set up an account online to be able to manage my Mam / Dad’s account. Even though I told him one or two things that had happened on the account recently. He even asked for the password, which I did not know, he still sent out this password and at no point during the call did he ask to speak to my Dad. I work in a similar industry and I know that is a glaring breach of Data Protection. Personally I am getting a bit pee’d off about the whole scenario. After that phone call, Dad and myself went to the bank, then the bookies for him to put his Irish lottery on. We then had a couple of coffees together and chatted, then I came home.
After half an hour or so, I had to pick G up from school. After we left there,I was driving along over a round out and a car alongside me nearly hit my car. I had to slam on the brakes. The other driver was oblivious. Luckily enough he got stuck in some traffic so I was able to pull up alongside him and gave him a bit of verbal. Not my style normally, especially with G in the car as well. I was losing the plot. Shaking with rage. I drove around the corner and pulled into the car park for our local pet store where I needed to go for cat food. I was still shaking. G could tell I was upset or annoyed and was asking if I was ok. She gave me a loving cuddle to try and calm me down. In the shop, I could not decide what food to get the cats. The normal one was sold out. For some reason, even though I could see the prices I couldn’t decide which the best deal was. Its a simple enough process. At that time I just couldn’t do it. It took me a couple of minutes for my brain to decide which was best. We got what we needed for the cats and went home. Even when I got home, I was stick a nervous wreck. I am never like this. All drivers have near misses, but we shrug it off after a couple of minutes. At home, at this time, I honestly feel like I’m having a meltdown.
Luckily enough, one of my friends rang up. He has been, and is still going through what I have been going through, with the loss of close family members. We had our normal chat about current mobile phones on the market etc, then got onto money saving. YES, I’m still going on about money. It’s a big thing at present in our house. Anyway, he gave me some good tips that he has been doing. An obvious on at that. He stopped going to Sainsburys and Asda, and not shops at Aldi and Lidl. He is saving a fortune, about 30.00 per week, and the products etc he buys are ever bit as good as the brand makes or own brands in the other shops. he cooks a lot so knows his meats and says the meat is just as good as the other places. For that sort of saving, I’m definitely going to try it out. After this chat with him, I felt a lot more relaxed. Not totally but more relaxed than earlier.
I’m going to chill for the rest of the night while D goes to her friends house.

Final note. Got a text from the VIP people who sell the e-cigarettes at Gateshead Metro Centre. People power prevails. They are now being allowed to stay and not being kicked out after all. Thats great news. The bad side is, the Metrocentre is still banning e-cigarettes from being smoked in the shopping centre, apart from the champagne bar and VIP shop, and if retailers, such as Starbucks say its ok. ( p.s, The manager at Starbucks is fine with e-cigarettes. You can smoke them there ).

Thought of the day: A penny saved is a government oversight

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