Cycling, fun? Not at the moment!

This morning I decided to put G’s mountain bike in the boot of my car and take it to the local Halford’s to get the brakes repaired on it, after my failed attempt last night. I say failed, but it wasn’t a complete failure. I managed to replace the inner tube on the rear wheel and get it pumped up. I was chuffed with that, as I have not done that sort of thing for about 30 years. The failure part came when I couldn’t figure out how to get the chain back on the cogs etc and also the brake was all to hell. So off I went today to Halford’s. I spent ages there while the young lad ( Adam was his name ) totally fixed the bike. What a trooper he was. And it didn’t cost that much. G will be chuffed when she gets to go on it. This is where part two of the problems started. I got my bike out. Pumped up the tyres, changed the seat bracket for a quick release one, fitted an under seat wedge bag and also a new hand tyre pump. I was well happy. So happy that I wasn’t even to bothered about how much of a dork I looked in the cycle helmet.
Me in my spanking new cycle helmet.

Away I went on my bike. Its the first time Ive riden this bike since I bought it cheap at a second hand store a couple of weeks ago. I got half a mile along the road and started hearing a weird noise. When I got off and checked, the tyre was rubbing on the frame, but only at a certain part of the wheel. Bother. I cycled home, although tentatively, put this bike in my boot and went yet again to Halford’s. As I suspected, the wheel was buckled. The guys there actually straightened it up for me and put it back on the bike, and pumped my tyres up a bit more, all for free. The service there is great.
Once I got home, I thought I’ll go out for half an hour on it, before its time to go to the home to visit dad, The bike was running much better now, BUT, the god damn gears won’t change properly, so when I got to a slight hill, it nearly killed me. I had to stop at the top to let my lungs relax a bit, before the downhill ride home.
I survived the ride, which is good as I have not been on a bike for about 20+ years and have only recently given up smoking. Mind you, when I say I survived, my backside was aching a bit from the seat, even though my new seat is very padded.
I must get some shut eye. It’s 01.50 and I need to be up in the morning to go and do more work at my Dad’s house. See what other antiquities turn up this time. I’m gonna blog sometime about some of the stuff I’ve found in the house. Really old unusual stuff.
Thats for another time though.

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