Not what we were expecting


Arrived at the home and immediately saw the doctor. She said that Dad had shown signs of improvement so they have decided to reapply his intravenous fluids for the time being. I asked about his catheter which had been removed and if that would be reapplied as well. She said it will be.
She agreed with me that this is more than likely a short term remission. She also said that if he shouts out for Nursey and then drops off to sleep again that’s fine as he may not know he is even doing it, but if he shouts and doesn’t go back to sleep and starts getting agitated then we should tell the nurse so they can give him sedatives.
This is exactly what he did. There was no settling him. He was shouting for Nursey, even when the nurse was there. He had is eyes virtually fully close but as if he was asleep but still getting agitated.
We decided to wait till he settled down quite a bit then went to make a coffee. When we came back, he was asleep again, which was good. He stayed this way pretty much all afternoon and evening even though the home had a children’s fair on in the grounds, some of which went outside his window.


D and myself came back from the Royal Quays to find Dad still asleep, until that is about quarter of an hour later when he started asking for Nursey.

It took ages to calm Dad down. He had to be given 2 different injections to settle him. The first had no effect, which is unusual.
Anyway once the medication has set in, after what seemed an age, Dad settled down and went to sleep. Its absolutely awful seeing a loved one so agitated. The nurse said that a lot of the time, he won’t be aware he is shouting out. Doesn’t make it any easier to watch though.

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