Miss you Dad

Well my cold has been getting worse over the last few days resulting in me virtually losing my voice last night and today and having loads of phlegm ( I know, its a yuk subject ) I am left today feeling like crap. Apart from feeling rough, today is a hard day for other reasons. Today would of been the 74th birthday of my Dad who passed away on the 14th July this year. I still miss him so much. As much as I did the day he left us. Its still hard to get my head around the fact that in the space of less than two years, I lost my whole family. My brother in Aug 2011, my Mam in Jan 2013 and then my Dad in July 2013. Its no wonder that I am so mentally screwed up at the moment. Its taken since July till about 2 weeks ago just to finish clearing their house to hand it back to the council, so Ive not had much of a chance to grieve. One day I hope I can find it in myself to grieve. These last two years have been so hectic that I have just held everything in to the point I can’t let go. One day hopefully, one day.

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